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Swedes have a fantastic reputation, and are stereotypically friendly, healthy, direct and attractive. And their homeland has many attractions, including a beautiful countryside and hip cities. Families will enjoy low-key activities like berry-picking, mountain walks and the chance to spend quality time together. Hikers may be interested in Sweden's liberal camping laws, which allow you to camp in most countryside locations overnight. Sweden's cities attract more than their fair share of tourists on short breaks. Most people used to equate Swedish food with store-cafeteria meatballs, but the country's cuisine is becoming increasingly trendy. Seafood, whether expertly cured or fresh, and game are two Swedish specialities – be sure to try some while you're here.


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Stockholm is Sweden's capital, and is lively and vibrant. You can take a tour of Sweden's past by wandering the cobbled streets of the old town, stop off at the Royal Palace, the Nobel Museum and Stockholm's oldest churches, before finishing the day in trendy Sodermalm, where the city's inhabitants go to party. Even Sweden's cities retain close tied to the countryside, and the forest, hills and lakes are easily accessible from Stockholm. An easy day trip from the city is Drottningholm, where the country's royal family stay in beautiful surroundings. Or, you can do as the Swedes to on vacation and head to Gottland – Visby, the island's main town, is a beautiful walled town, with a rich Hanseatic history.

Take a trip to hospitable Gothenberg to enjoy the city's parks, hilltop fortress, and even its Volvo museum . Stroll around the three central squares in Malmo, and visit the city's beach, the Ribersborgsstranden – in the winter you can combine a sauna with a swim, in the traditional Swedish style. The north of Sweden, Norrland, is sparsely populated and is ideal for escaping from civilization to hunt, fish or simply walk – Sweden's highest mountain, Knebnekaise, is located in this region. You can also visit the original ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi – you'll need to visit between autumn and late spring to stay there.

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Whether you visit in summer or winter, a trip to Sweden promises to be unforgettable.