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Moldovan is a slightly odd country in that it's a relatively recent Soviet invention – it used to be part of Romania but is now heavily Russified. Moldova is particularly noted for its wines, which are produced commercially, but also in smallholdings everywhere. You'll definitely want to try some of the reds and sparkling wines during your travels – it's difficult to buy Moldovan wine in the West, although they are very good. Urban life in Moldova is also well-worth checking out, as there are a couple of lively and cities in this largely unknown corner of Europe. There are few tourists in Moldova, although it's sometimes visited by backpackers


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The chances are that you'll start off in Chisnau, the capital, a green city with wide boulevards and plenty of parts. Chisnau has a surprisingly vibrant cultural scene, with esteemed opera and ballet companies, and also has several good places to get a meal. The nearby village of Cricova is a fascinating destination. There is an extensive and labyrinthine network of wine cellars underneath the village – you can arrange to visit on tours based in Chisinau. Cojusna is another wine destination, although also produces vodka. Orheiul Vechi has a spectacular mountainside monastery, which has been dug into limestone cliffs over nearby a millennia.

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You're likely to spend most of your time in Chisnau, seeing the wine villages and the nearby lake resort of Ghidighici. If you intent to venture further, then bear in mind that a fair strip of Moldova may or may not actually be part of the country – the self-declared Republic of Transdniestr is recognised by few other countries. The capital, Tiraspol, has a small number of historic sights and a museum dedicated to the civil war – or war of independence, depending on your viewpoint – in the early nineties. It's a little bit of Soviet Russia, and one of the few places to have erected a Lenin statue in the recent past. It's safe to travel here but check the latest advice about visa and entry and exit stamps before you go, even if you're passing through on the way to or from the Ukraine.

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There is an airport in Chisnau, but it may be much more cost-effective to fly to Bucharest and then get a bus onwards.