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Self-catering can be a very popular way of holidaying with children, as it means you get some privacy, and you might also find that mealtimes and budgeting are easier than if you stayed at a hotel. However, there are also many hotels that specialise in family holidays, particularly around the Mediterranean and Canary Islands.

Family Holidays in Europe

Spain is one of the most popular family friendly destinations in Europe. The entire family will find something to enjoy in Fuerteventura, with its enormous aqua parks, zoo, great beaches and opportunities to try water sports. Benidorm may have something as a reputation as a destination for senior travellers, but its also popular with families who value the relative peace of the resort. Salou on the Costa Brava has a busy night scene, but its beach is immensely popular with families, and Salou also allows your family to enjoy the beach but have a day trip or two into Barcelona – kids will love Park Guell and the cable car.

Denmark is perfect for anyone who likes Vikings, Lego and amusement park – which makes it pretty much perfect for kids of all ages. There are numerous Viking related museums and exhibitions at Rihbe and Roskilde. Legoland is enormously popular, and offers the usual theme park rides and an aquapark. Pocket money should be saved for months in order to make the best of the shop! However, the most visited theme park in the country is actually Tivoli, which has rides and a zoo, but also hosts concerts and has several museums. Denmark is also perfect if your family would like to visit Europe, but aren’t keen on hot sun.

Portugal, particularly the Algarve region, is a long-established holiday destinations. Kids will love the beaches, and many hotels offer children's holiday clubs with tailor made activities, as well as babysitting services. This will let you enjoy some of Portugal's golf courses, or some quality couple time at some of the fantastic restaurants.

Sweden is laid back, safe and has excellent access to the outdoors, and is ideal for families who like to get away from it all. Try a self-catering and self-drive holiday for maximum flexibility, and visit castles, go horse riding, and spend some time in Sweden's vibrant cities.

European Family Accommodation Guide

If you’re eating out with children, then restaurants in many countries routinely offer a children’s menu. Children tend to be welcomed in restaurants on the continent, although they’re also expected to behave themselves and not terrorize other patrons! It’s also possibly to find restaurants with outside seating, usually in parks and near beaches, where kids can run around or use play areas while their parents eat.

If you’re intending to book a beach holiday, then most resorts have activities for children. However, double check that yours doesn’t also routinely cater to large crowds of young partygoers, as you might find no one gets much sleep!

If you’re in a city for largely grown-up sightseeing purposes but have kids with you, then plan in activities that they will also enjoy. Most parks have a playground area, even in the middle of cities. European parks are also often more than green spaces, and can include zoos, rides, pools and other child-friendly facilities – at the very least, they nearly all have cafes and ice cream stands.

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Remember to bring suitable kit for the weather – bring lots of hats, sun block and make sure you’ve always got plenty of water for the summer, but conversely remember northern and central Europe can be cold in winter.