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The Caucasus includes Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and parts of Russia, and is the narrow section of land between the Black and Caspian Seas. It's a hotchpotch of national identities and religions, although is famous for its hospitality and the outstanding cuisines of the area – restaurants serving food from the Caucasus are found in Russia in the same way that Indian restaurants are found in the UK. You'll find beautiful mountain lakes, beaches, churches, temples and castles, and some incredibly friendly locals. The Caucasus is often visited as part of a journey along the Silk Road; travel from Istanbul to Georgia or Armenia, then catch a ferry from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan.

Top Places to Visit

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Baku in Azerbaijan, Yerevan in Armenia and Tbilisi in Georgia are the region's biggest and most impressive cities. Each have numerous museums, historical sights, and parks to keep you occupied, and they all have lively night scenes and plenty of bars and restaurants. The local cuisine is unmissable. If you're in Georgia, then don't miss the local cheesebreads, dumplings and stews, which often contain walnuts. Elsewhere, you'll find more Middle-Eastern type food, including stuffed vine leaves, kebabs, pilaffs and flatbreads. This is also an excellent region to enjoy mountain climbing and walking.

The Caucasus is popular with backpackers, as many visit it as part of a longer overland trip. If you're travelling the Silk Road, then bear in mind it can sometimes be difficult to find ferry tickets in Baku – don't rely on being able to make a sharp exit. The Caucaus can be a turbulent region; similar to the Balkans, it has a jumble of ethnic identities sharing a fairly small geographic area. Although much of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbeijan is actually safer than the West, with a lower crime rate, current advice is to avoid Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as the Russian-held territories – check your country's foreign office for up to date advice before you go.