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The Americas are two vast continents. The North American continent has two of the world's richest and most developed countries, where you'll find every holiday whim can be catered to. Southern and Central American are more raw and less developed, but some travellers will prefer that. There are also some brilliant beaches in this region, as well as amazing historical sights.

American Holiday Guide

You can have year-round beach holidays in places like Florida, Hawaii and Mexico – the resorts there have excellent facilities. Cruises are a popular way to see coastal cities and islands – you can also cruise some of the rivers, like the Mississippi. Skiing holidays are also very popular, and available in countries as diverse as the USA, Chile, Argentina and Canada.

If you're into food, then look beyond North America's junk food reputation to find some great local cuisine. Depending on where you go, you can try game, including animals like alligators and moose, jambulaya, lobster, and hog roasts. The many immigrant groups to America mean that it's a great place to try a range of cuisines – Chinese restaurants are everywhere, but some cities have large number of citizens from Italian, Hungarian, German or Spanish descent. You'll find different things to eat wherever you go. South American food has spicy bean stews, sauces, flatbreads and numerous other tasty dishes.

If you enjoy sightseeing, both the USA and Canada have a fantastic network of Forest Reserves and National Parks to get out and about. All the South American countries offer a mix of amazing natural forests and magnificent historical sights with a rich cultural identity.

America Holidays Guide

North America has two of the biggest countries in the world – the USA and Canada. The USA has a lifetime's worth of sights – national parks, sights of historical and political influence, and is also a great place to have a good time, particularly at the beach resorts, theme parks and on the ski slopes. The USA's vast size and geographical location means that it includes deserts, swamps, misty mountains, some of the wealthiest cities on the planet, redneck villages and huge and forbidding forests.

Whatever you're looking for in a holiday, you cannot fail to find it here. Canada is also a massive country, with theme parks, cities and other man-made attractions. Yet much of its appeal lies in its vast wilderness areas, where you can see bears, wolves and eagles. Outdoors sports are extremely popular here – as well as hiking, you can kayak, snowboard, spelunk and abseil to your heart's content.

By contrast, Mexico is a hot and sunny country, with a strong Spanish influence. The main attractions are the beach resorts, and there are miles and miles of golden sands. However, Mexico is also of interest to historians, because of its golden cathedrals, Conquistador-related sights, colonial-era towns and mysterious Mayan temples.

The Central American nations of Beliza, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize share a tropical climate. They have some fantastic national parks, beautiful beaches, and a range of Mayan ruins. You're sure to find a beach holiday destination you love, but this region is also popular with backpackers.

South America may receive far fewer tourists than its northern counterpart, but there's plenty to see and do here. Peru has Macchu Pichu and other fascinating ancient remains. Argentina is noted for its grasslands and cattle ranches, while Brazil is famous for its contribution to football, including world greats like Pele, as well as its beaches, carnivals and laid back vibe. Chile has everything that some travellers will need, including beaches, ski slopes and wine tasting.

The smaller South American countries are also well worth a visit. Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador and Venezuela have some world-class national parks and natural wonders, including Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall, which is located in Venezuela. Ecuador has the Galapogas Islands, and Uruguay has some fantastic beaches. Remote Bolivia has some beautiful mountain ranges.