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Peru is famous for being home to the ruins of Machu Picchu, but there are plenty of other attractions and historical sites in this country to keep visitors occupied on their visit. Beaches on the coast of Peru offer attractions to dedicated beach aficionados, from those inclined to the resort life, to those inclined toward the laid back vibe of backpacker oriented towns. For landmarks and other sights to see in Peru, there are the Andes and the famous Nazca Lines, only completely visible from aircraft, the pictures carved into the plains are whimsical and nothing like them exists anywhere else in the world. Other things you can undertake in Peru include paddling around the high altitude Lake Titicaca and white water rafting in the rivers around Cusco.

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When the Yale professor Hiram Bingham discovered Machu Picchu in 1911, the area was already known to locals, but this American made the Incan ruins known to the world. These ruins, almost 2.5 kilometres above sea level are today world famous and draw crowds daily to view the spectacular scenery every year.

Machu Picchu represents a stunningly beautiful Incan ruin complex to see, terraced into a mountain top about an hour away from the ancient city of Cusco. One of the most popular ways to visit this complex is to book a four day hike along the Inca trail with one of the numerous Peruvian tour operators. The trail takes you through sub-tropical jungle and cloud forests, and is spectacular in its own right. You usually arrive in Machu Picchu on the morning of the fourth day, and it is with a heady feeling of accomplishment that you arrive. Advocates of this experience recommend arriving in Cusco two to three days before your intended departure in order to acclimatize yourself to the high altitude, although the hike itself is actually only of moderate difficulty. If you don't want to hike, or you don't have the time, you can also arrange to take the trip by train.

Lake Titicaca is a spectacular high altitude lake at almost four kilometres above sea level. A good way to view the shoreline and islands of this region is to paddle a kayak, and there are numerous outfitters that can accommodate you. Various islands have ruins such as the funerary towers of the ancient Colla people that you can visit and walk amongst. You can arrange home stays for your trip.

Cusco is a beautiful city in its own right, and is worthy of a visit not just to arrange your trip to Machu Picchu with its spectacular architecture, planetarium, and chocolate museum. Cusco is also close to the Manu National Park with highland forest, plenty of monkeys, great birdwatching and it's one of the best places to see jaguars, giant anteaters and tapirs in the wild.

Lima is actually made of several smaller cities, and with almost 9 million residents, it is a sprawling megalopolis. One of the most popular events held every September in this city is its annual food festival that reflects the city's obsession with its cuisine. Local foods can be found here that are not to be found anywhere else, including a chicken dish that is roasted in ashes, stuffed potatoes, anticuchos, and of course, the world famous seafood dish marinated in lime: ceviche. While visiting, you may also want to try the grape brandy called pisco that is very popular, served most famously in a pisco sour.

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There are incredible places to visit and lots of things to do in Peru; too many to list here. So, if you get the chance, visit this region for a unique travel destination; there is plenty of room to explore!