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Venezuela has a variety of landscapes to offer the traveller, from its tropical beaches to its incredible cloud-wreathed mountains. Its climate varies from tropical to the more temperate climate of its alpine regions. For museums, landmarks, and beautiful cathedrals, the capital city of Caracas has a lot to offer. If your interests extend to beach activities like snorkelling, surfing, and diving, you can choose to visit places like Margarita Island with its numerous amenties. For hiking, there are numerous national parks throughout the country including Canaima National Park and Merida

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The city of Caracas has unique colonial architecture that draws visitors to tour the city, its landmarks of the history of the nation, and the museums that dot the landscape. There are plenty of photo opportunities, and there are some beautiful cathedrals.

Isla Margarita is a popular destination in the Caribbean Sea. It has numerous facilities, including an eighteen hole golf course. It offers a beach, swimming, surfing, snorkelling and diving opportunities. For sunsets, you can try horseback riding along the beach.

Merida, a popular national park, offers the only historical village available to visitors throughout the Andes, where people can view the agricultural methods and implements of the European settlers of Venezuela. You can also ride a high cable car, one of the world's longest and highest into the mountains.

For trekking, a must see is the Catatumbo lightning near Lake Maracaibo where the lake merges with one of its tributaries. This one of a kind atmospheric phenomenon results in a spectacular lightning show that can be viewed by people that hike into the remote region. Another must see is the spectacular Angel Falls; the world's highest waterfall in Canaima National Park. Many visitors choose to fly to this remote destination that is populated by wildlife like the giant anteater, sloths, pumas, parrots, and other birdlife.

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Primarily an oil producing nation, there is an acknowledged reliance on tourism that has trumped politics and benefitted visitors' interests wonderfully. You can choose to indulge yourself in the beach resort experience or if you prefer a more ad hoc holiday, there are plenty of accommodation options all around the country.