North America Holidays


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North America includes the three large countries of Canada, the United States and Mexico, making the climate and geography very diverse. Its area stretches from tundra in the north, the land of the midnight sun, to the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Almost any vacation preference can be accommodated in North America, whether your preferences sway towards the offerings of an urban centre, to the adventure-oriented holiday of a wilderness adventure or to anything in between. North America has a variety of regions, from the sleepy South in the United States, to the multicultural urban centres of Toronto and San Francisco. For those craving the pampered luxury of a resort style holiday, there is the choice of ski holidays in Vail, Colorado, or all-inclusive beach resorts in Cancun, Mexico.

map of north america showing tourist highlights
Map of North America

North America Holidays Guide

If you want to escape society for a week or a weekend, you may want to try sports fishing on the coast of British Columbia, Canada at a fishing lodge at a beautiful and remote spot that can only be reached by float plane. Maybe a golf holiday is more your speed, in that case, there are many famous courses dotting the United States from Pebble Beach, California to Arcadia, Michigan.

If luxurious five star hotels in the heart of the city are more your speed, New York and Chicago are certainly great cities to explore with a Michelin Dining Guide by your side, and they offer a variety of renown restaurants and nightclubs.

Maybe you crave an adventure that takes you on a Mississippi river boat, or a chance to view spectacular cliff diving in Puerto Vallarta. Zip-lining over the forest canopy in Mexico or Canada also provides a unique wilderness perspective.

Historical sites also abound. You can explore the second oldest city in North America and visit Mont Royal in Montréal, Canada, or you can visit Palenque, an ancient Mayan city excavated in southern Mexico.

There are also a variety of famous festivals and conferences that you may want to base your holiday around. The Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Southern Ontario gathers famous stage performers from all over the world for their summer festival, while the Comic-Con in San Diego provides a unique opportunity to rubber-neck at this unique comic-based conference that has generated a lot of star power and draws a lot of costumed bystanders. Every year, the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah transforms the sleepy town into a mecca for film buffs.

North America provides unique holiday opportunities for many different types of vacationers. No matter what your orientation, you can find a place to go in North America that will fulfill your travel needs wonderfully.