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British Columbia fronts the entire western coast of Canada, a distance of over 27,000 kilometres stretching from Vancouver in the south to Alaska in the north. Along this rugged Pacific seaboard are deep fjords and over 6000 islands, mostly uninhabited. The largest of these is Vancouver Island one of the provinces main tourist destinations and with the timeless capital town of Victoria. Across the bay and on the mainland is Vancouver City, the third largest in Canada and renowned as a thriving modern metropolis

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Map of British Columbia

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Bristish Colombia has two very contrasting landscapes. The wet Pacific coast is mountainous and covered in temperate forest with stunning scenery and is a base for adventure sports including biking and hiking, caving and rock climbing. Inland from Vancouver is the country's main skifields based around Whistler Mountain. East of these mountains are vast farmlands and pretty valleys of central British Columbia, with the Okanagan Valley being one of Canada's premier wine and cider producing areas.

The countryside of the north and east portion of the province are ripped open by the massive Canadian Rockies and although mostly unpopulated offer some of the best scenery in Canada.

Covered in Douglas Fir and the country's icon, the big leaf Maple, Vancouver Island is a popular holiday escape drawn to its beaches and whale watching in summer and to the ski resorts around Beaufort Mountain in winter. The two most popular beach destinations on Vancouver Island are Tofino on the Pacific Coast and Parksville across the straight from Vancouver City and accessible by regular passenger ferry – both have plenty of holiday resorts. Pretty Victoria on the southern tip of the island has many historical buildings and several interesting aboriginal museums relating the rich culture of this Pacific island.

North of Vancouver is the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast with numerous lakes rivers and waterways ideal for fishing, canoeing and gentle hiking.