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Canada, North America

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The second-oldest city in North America, Montreal is a vibrant and captivating city. Montreal provides a wonderful metropolitan tableau to explore. Whether your interest is theatre, cuisine, music, or museums, there is a lot to discover in this singular city.

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Like many Canadian cities, Montreal has a strong multicultural flavour with Latin, and Chinese neighbourhood which are great to visit. But Montreal has plenty home-grown French-Canadian culture and flavour as well.

Divided into nineteen boroughs which are further divided into neighbourhoods, the city is worth a walk. It may be a bit much to walk in a day, but is certainly worth devoting a day's stroll. For those not so inclined, there is also a substantial network of subways, commuter trains, and buses. Situated near the middle of the city is Mount Royal, which offers the opportunity to take a horse-drawn carriage to its crest for an unparalleled view of the city.

Montreal is renowned for its architecture, especially for its churches and is known as the town of a hundred bell towers for its French colonial history. Remarkable examples of Art Deco period abound, as well as Gothic revival buildings and the Olympic Stadium from 1976 which incorporates the world's tallest inclined tower.

Notable not just for the 1976 Olympics which saw the rise of Olympic stars from beyond the Iron Curtain like Nadia Comaneci, Montreal was also the site of the 1967 World Expo themed "Man and his World." The fair was situated on an archipelago of islands in the St. Lawrence River, and drew an estimated 50 million visitors. Some pavilions, including the Place des Nations, remain in place today and still draw visitors.

What would a trip to Montreal be without the chance to enjoy its classic smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz's on Saint-Laurent Boulevard? This famous sandwich has many imitators, but few people have enjoyed the genuine article at an authentic Montreal deli. Other French Canadian specialties include pea soup, poutine, and tourtiere, a savoury meat pie. Also available at various restaurants are delicacies made from maple syrup, and dishes featuring French Canadian artisan cheeses.

One offering that is a must-have for anyone exploring Montreal is the Museum Pass, which allows the holder into thirty-three different area museums and exhibitions for one low price. Museums include the Montreal Bio-dome, the Museum of Fine Arts, and even an Insectarium. The pass can be purchased so that includes a public transit option or not.

After a day exploring, you may want to explore the nightlife of Montreal by visiting its various dining rooms, theatres, bars, or nightclubs; depending on your inclination. Montreal is a vibrant and lively city with plenty of live music and theatre on offer for those with an after-hours wanderlust.