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Quebec is the most populous Francophone province in Canada. It has two major cities, Quebec City and Montreal, and the St. Lawrence Seaway, a major commercial river, stretches through the province from the Atlantic and the Maritime provinces. Quebec is also known for its natural beauty, lying mainly within the Canadian Shield, it is mostly plains interspersed with mountainous terrain shaped by glaciers over different ice ages. Rich agricultural regions provide fertile growing regions for regional specialties, and forested regions which are famous for maple syrup.

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Visiting any area in Quebec, you are never far from a museum explaining various aspects of Quebec's culture, science, or history. Just remember that it is a French province, and in the smaller areas you may need a French-English dictionary to understand what it is you are looking at! This will not be a problem in the larger regional museums like Quebec City and Montreal, however.

Quebec City and Montreal promise a wonderful time in terms of night life, offering bright cinemas, great nightclubs and pubs with a great live music scene. Quebec City, in particular, is a beautiful city offering many different festivals including the Summer Music Festival and the Winter Carnival. The Winter Carnival is a famous, boisterous celebration offering sled boating, skiing, an icy winter palace, and a winter parade. The province is known for their love of independent cinema, independent music, and their club and bar scene. There are over one hundred museums to visit including the expansive Musée national des beaux-arts du Quebec in Quebec City.

For foodies, they can tour the centre of the province to taste the products of various dairies that produce specialty cheeses in their shops and restaurants. A wine route through Southern Quebec allows visitors to tour the various wineries of this budding Quebec industry.

If you are more inclined toward adventure tourism, why not kayak in the many lakes and rivers with a licensed guide, or watch whales in the St. Lawrence Estuary like the beluga or the humpback whale?

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Quebec is a great place to spend a holiday, whether you opt to spend the entire holiday touring the province or instead choose to spend the holiday visiting major population centres like Quebec City, Montreal, or Trois-Rivieres, you are sure to enjoy yourself and take home beaucoup memories from your visit <