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Calgary Alberta made its way to the foreground of Alberta's landscape in the 1940's with an oil boom. After the recession in the 1980's Calgary realized it had to diversify, and the result was the economic powerhouse that Calgary has become today, with a solid backbone in the oil and gas industry but an economy otherwise healthily diversified and inured against any slumps in oil and gas prices.

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What Calgary is especially noted for, however, is the Calgary Stampede, an annual event held in the Beltline District. Every year, the Stampede draws cowboys and cowpokes from all over North America for its annual rodeo and exhibition that draws spectators from all over the world. For ten days in July, the exhibition grounds southeast of downtown Calgary provide a unique opportunity to festival attendees to view events like bull-riding, bareback bronco riding, and barrel racing. Every year the event is opened with a parade that goes through the city before the Stampede is officially opened.

The event's origins were in the late nineteenth century, and it was originally held as a way to promote settlers to move to Western Canada from back East. After its inception, the event stalled some years, but eventually grew with the help of forward minded promoters and civic minded politicians into a regular annual event in 1922.

Calgary is a bit of a boom town, it is a city of glass and metal, but also a city of heart. The residents are courteous and down to earth. There are plenty of theatre venues, and the city is home to a ballet and opera company that regularly stage productions. Festivals include the Calgary Film Festival, a comedy festival, the Fringe Festival, and the Folk Festival. Many of these festivals are held during the warm summer months, but indoor celebrations like the Film Festival are often held in the fall or winter. There is a lot going on in this city year-round.

There is also a world class zoo to visit in Calgary with plenty of animals from Canada and all over the globe to visit and view. Fort Calgary offers a historic visit to relics of the origin of Calgary, including artifacts from the arrival of the Northwest Mounted Police in the area and the establishment of law and order in this former frontier town.

In 1988, Calgary became the first city in Canada to host the Winter Olympics, and you can still see venues from that historic event throughout the city today, including the famous Saddledome. Alpine skiing events were held approximately fifty kilometres away in Kananaskis, Alberta, still a favourite destination for people interested in alpine skiing.

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Whether you come for a winter visit and skiing at Olympic Park, or arrive during the summer months for a visit at the Calgary Stampede, there is a lot to see and do in this town that struck black gold.