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When you consider a Caribbean holiday, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A romp in the warm surf with pirates? A relaxing, renewing slice of tropical paradise? A couples’ massage on the beach? Cricket? Good news, you’re right on all counts. There are hundreds of islands, islets, reefs, and cays that comprise the balmy Caribbean Islands, and each offers its own version of heaven on earth. The Caribbean is one of the world's premier Romantic Holiday destinations.

Where to Go in the Caribbean

The many small coves and cays provided the perfect hiding spot for pirates like Henry Jennings and ‘Blackbeard’ (Edward Teach), who ambushed treasure-laden boats bound for Europe. With a rich history built on the result of combining piracy and privateering, sugar and rum, slavery and revolt, and colonial conquest, the islands offer travelers a vibrant mixture of cultures to choose from. The Caribbean was named after the dominant indigenous peoples living in the area. It is also commonkly known as the West Indies.

The Northern Caribbean extending off the tip of Florida include the popular Bahamas renowned for its coral cays, elegant resorts and scuba diving and the Turks &Caicos. Much further north, almost in line witrh New York, is the isolated flat island of Bermuda.

The high islands of the Central Caribbean collectively known as The Greater Antilles are home to Cuba, Jamaica and Domincan Republic with great scope for adventure and exploring.

Peeling off these in a great semi circle are the Lesser Antilles, with two distict sides: Leeward Islands and Windward Islands. Boasting dreamy ports, secluded bays especially those found in both Virgin Islands and hidden treasures few people have heard of like Saint Martin, Saba where you can step back into yesterday far away from the main tourism havens as well as slightly better known small romantic islands like Antigua.

The Southern Caribbean lie closer to the South American coast and inclde Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago; and almost touching Venuzuela: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

Caribbean Holidays Guide

The powdery sands on the many sheltered beaches range in colour from snowy white to salmon pink, through to dark, rich brown and charcoal black. It's an archipelago closely tied to the ocean, and we're confident you'll fall under its spell as soon as you feel the sea spray on your skin. You'll grab for your camera when a sea turtle floats by, and enjoy chasing schools of colourful fish around sunken ships while snorkeling. There are mountains and volcanoes to climb surrounded by forests that challenge you to find the right 'green' to use in your blog, with dozens of different tropical birds flying just above you in flashes of color and song. There are waves to surf, jungles to zip through and rivers to raft, golf swings to perfect, and traditions to learn. Enjoy dancing? Each island has its own local traditions, and all share the allure of reggae and salsa. Like trying new foods? You can eat freshly caught seafood and spicy island stews, and then spend the rest of the day napping it off in a hammock.

While it’s true that traveling in the Caribbean islands can get expensive, but costs can vary greatly depending on which islands you visit and when, the level and location of your Caribbean accommodation, and how carried away you get when bartering for handmade goods. Eating out can also be relatively expensive in the Caribbean; one way to save is to sample local street food – usually cheap and delicious. Or you can rent a place with a small kitchenette and eat on your balcony or poolside cabana.

When considering the best time to take your trip to the Caribbean, you’ll find its more about the weather where you live than in the islands, where it is warm and sunny throughout the year. You can reduce your ‘summer’ vacation costs by visiting the islands during the low season, which runs from mid-April through mid-December. Prices at hotels fall, package deals abound, and the more popular beach and port towns aren’t quite so crowded.

If you're visiting to get married on the beach, for a honeymoon, or simply for a quiet romantic break you're visiting the right place: read our dedicated Romantic Holidays in the Caribbean guide ...

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Transportation costs vary greatly, both by island and by season. On the more developed islands you can rent a vehicle or take public transportation. On some you can find taxis or hire a scooter to get around. Most of the larger islands have at least one international airport, with flights in and out from major cities around the globe. Most of the islands also have smaller, local airlines that accommodate island hopping. Read our full Caribbean Accommodation Guide ....