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Bonaire, a municipalityof the Netherlands,is the "B" in the so-called ABC islands of the Leeward Antilles. Bonaire has an area of 288 km², and the nearby, uninhabited islet Klein Bonaire adds 6 km² to the nation's total area.Bonaire lies outside the hurricane belt, and has exactly zero traffic lights. The residents haveworked hard for the past few decades to earn their reputation as one of the most environmentally conscious islands in the Caribbean, fostering growth while maintaining balance in both nature and culture.

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If you want to consider incorporating a'give back to Earth' project into your holiday plans, the Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire and the Save the Lora foundation can always use extra help in their counting or tagging efforts. Bonaire is home to three of the world's seven species of sea turtles: Green and hawksbill turtles are found in the seas around Bonaireall year, andthe big-headed loggerheads generally only visit during nesting season. The fascinating Leatherback turtle, which has no shell, can weigh between 250 and 700 kilograms, and are the largest of all living sea turtles, are occasionally seen around Bonaire (one of their known nesting grounds is nearby Trinidad and Tobago). Usually Leatherbacks are sighted in the deep offshore waters as theysearch for their only food source – the jellyfish.

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Bonaire is quiet, peaceful, relaxing and lightly populated; the flamingo population almost beats the human population most days. There is a strict limit of building size, and the island's entire perimeter is a protected marine park. Bonaire'sstunning coral reef is easy to access from both the western and southern shores and, along with the equally magnificent coral reef around Klein Bonaire,attracts divers and snorkelers searching for sea turtles and seahorses.

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There is so much to see and do on this tiny gem of an island – kayak through the pristine, protected mangrove system, ride at the Horseback Riding Academy Club at Kunuku Warahamaon beautiful Paso Finos, hikethrough13,000-acre Washington Slagbaai National Park, or head out in any direction to see some of the beautiful tropical birds that live on Bonaire. Lac Bay (also known as Lac Cai or Lac Cay), on the eastern side of the island is a windsurfer'sutopia. In 2004 two of Bonaire's locals ranked in the top five of the world's freestyle windsurfing professionals.Atlantis Beach, on the western part of the island, is afavorite area for kite surfing.

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Flamingo International Airportserves Bonaire, with both domestic (interisland) and International Airlines. Once on the island, you will be able to hire a car—Bonaire is small, but you won't want to walk everywhere. There are taxis, tour companies, and bike and scooter rental agents.