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The Islands of Grenada are at the far southern tip of the Windward Islands, 161 km. north of Venezuela and about 250 km. southwest of Barbados.There are three main islands, including Grenada (the largest, pronounced Gruh-nay-dah), Carriacou (pronounced Carry-akoo), and Petite Martinique (pronounced Pitty Mar-tin-eek), and a number of smaller islets. Several small rivers with stunning waterfalls fall into the sea from the many mountainshere, and lush rainforests are home to in incredible array of flora and fauna.The many bays and coves make Grenada one of the most popular yachting centres in the eastern Caribbean. Grenada is also known of as the Spice Island of the Caribbean, because more spices are grown here per square kilometer than anywhere else on Earth. Spices grown here include nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, mace, cocoa, ginger, turmeric and vanilla. On any given day the breezes carry the exotic scent of these spices across the island.

Grenada Highlights

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The waters surrounding Carriacou and Grenada offer a wealth of vistas. You'll find silent, colourful, coral gardens, hundreds of fish,and fascinating shipwrecks here.And there is anexcellent chance you'll see at least one whale. About 15 species of whales pass through Grenadian waters, and between December and April there is almost no chance of NOT seeing whales and dolphins, including humpback, sperm, and long- an short-fin padded whales.You will also see moray eels, angelfish, octopi, sharks, and sea-horses.For freshwater sport, try Lake Antoine, 16 acres of water insidethecrater of an extinct volcano; or dive into the Mabouya Island Whirlpool,where bubbles caused by volcanic activity rise to the surface.

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For an island group as small as Grenada, there is anample selection of excellent accommodations available, rangingfrom luxurious resorts and hotels through to affordable and family-friendly inns, self-catering apartments, and intimate guesthouses. The island'sarchitecture is completely in tune with the surrounding environment—in colour and in style—and no building may be higher than a palm tree.

Travel Facts

As in many of the Caribbean islands, you will quickly learn about Fish Friday. On Grenada, the small fishing village of Gouyavewakes up on Friday evenings,welcoming hungry visitors from far and wide. The menu consists of freshly caught seafood of every sort imaginable, prepared for you over open fires by vendors who cook the local catch. Other holidayfavourites include the many waterfalls – Concord Falls, accessible by car, and Au Coin and Fountainbleu, which are only accessible by following the marked footpaths. Honeymoon Falls is at the base of Mt. QuaQua, Rosemount Falls are part of the Rosemont Plantation House's property – a lovely place to stop for lunch, and the Royal Mt. Carmel Waterfall is actually two falls that cascade down to clear pools. Seven Sisters Falls has, as the name implies, seven waterfalls within a 30 minute hike of each other. Bring your camera – these cascading waters are simplydazzling.

Grenada Holiday Tips
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There are three airports on Grenada. The main one, the Maurice Bishop International Airport, isjust 5 miles from the capital city of St. George'sat the farthest southwest part of the island and services flights from the U.S. and Europe, as well as inter-island flights. The Lauriston Airport, just west of Hillsborough on Carriacou (also called Carriacou Island Airport) provides inter-island service via Granada Air. Pearls Airport, the islands first airport, is now out of commission, and serves as a go-kart track and home to a derelict Cuban airliner. Getting around the island(s) is quite easy. The local bus stops wherever it is needed – just flag it down; taxis are easy to find and the drivers are excellent tour guides. There are also water taxis, ferries, and numerous car rental agencies.