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Ahhh, St. Barts, playground of the rich and famous, known for gorgeous beaches, gourmet banqueting, and high-end designer shopping. This prized destination is the Caribbean's most elite, expensive island, and it definitely lives up to its rep as a sandbox for grown-ups. The island flourished, languished, and flourished again under the varied colonial regime of the Spanish, the Swedes, the British and the French, and is now a French territory. Financial support from France has raised the standards of living, and indigenous and imported flora has helped with the incredible beauty of this spot.

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St. Barts is well-known as a remote hideaway for wealthy vacationers, exhausted celebrities looking for seclusion, the rich, the famous, and the powerful. Hotels and restaurants are plentiful and diverse – you'll spend a bit more here than some of the other islands in the area, but accommodations at reasonable prices can be found. Choose between mingling with the rich and famous on Baie de St.-John, a beach surrounded with the island's most exclusive hotels and clubs, and lazing on the opposite side of the islandin St.-Jean, a tiny town filled with colorful boutiques and beachfront bars that has been likened to St.-Tropez. But be warned: you're more likely to see a wary iguana than a camera-shy movie star – they're very good at hiding

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If you're not in the mood to sit lazily in the Caribbean sun, the best place to be is in St. Barts' water. The diving is sublime, with huge coral formations and colourful coral fish abounding on the reefs and islet walls and visibility that goes on forever.

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Or you can join the many sailors on the high seas by renting a catamaran or a motorized boat/yacht (anywhere from 5 to 17+ metres)- with or without a crew – and circumnavigate the coastline of this 12.9 kmĀ² island. Inland, there are notable tourist spots and historical monuments that harken back to the many cultures that leant their architecture to this island. Finally, for all the beautiful-people-watchers out there, St. Bartsis a favorite location for modeling photo shoots. The busiest time of any year on St. Barts is New Year's Eve, when the wealthy arrive in droves on super-size yachts to celebrate. If you want to be part of this party, book your hotel rooms well in advance.

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The nearest commercial airport, Princess Juliana International Airport, is on neighbouring Saint Martin Island. From there you can catch a connecting flight to St. Barts' Gustaf III Airport on the north coast of the island;it has a paved 280 metrerunway and visiting aircraft carry fewer than twenty passengers. There are also a number of inter-island ferry services operating between Saint Martin and St. Barts. There is no public transport on the island, thought there are taxis, so most visitors hire a care to see the sights and get around at their leisure. Driving from one spot on the island to any other spot will never take you more than 20 minutes.