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The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevisis a two-island nation in the West Indies in the Leeward Islands; to the east and northeast are Antigua and Barbuda. The sister islands are both volcanic, and havevastrainforest-covered central peaks which are mostly uninhabited. Many rivers descend from these mountains, providing fresh water to the population.The capital city is Basseterre, on the larger island of Saint Kitts. The smaller Nevis lies about 3 km southeast of Saint Kitts across a channel called "The Narrows." Its strategic location and valuable sugar trade led to an advanced and luxurious development that was among the best in the Colonial Caribbean.

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The diving and snorkeling are incredible here. Wrecks, reefs, walls, and caves provide some amazing underwater exploration opportunities. In St. Kitts the water is deepest close to shore, so you won't have far to go to experience the best the seas have to offer. Black Coral Reef is known foritsstunning black coral treesprotruding from awall of coral; the only thing that threatens the peace here are theschools of Creole wrasse and snapper. Brimstone Shallows, Paradise Reef, Sandy Point, and Coconut Tree Reef are alive with colourful fish and coral;and Devil's Cavern offers exciting swim-through opportunities thick with squirrelfish and grunts, black durgon, Atlantic chub, snapper, and a wide variety of corals and fans.

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Frigate Bay Reef, near the Beach of the same name, is a perfect dive spot for finding turtles, lobsters and eels. The accommodation options are also varied, from inexpensive condos, cottages, and guesthouses to homey inns in former sugar plantation homes to exclusive, fabulous resorts. So you can opt to stay amongst the hustle of intriguing Basseterre, head to the resort enclave of Frigate Bay on St. Kitts, or stay on Nevis and ferry back to St. Kitts for excitement.

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On land, zip-line tour adventures offer you the unique opportunity to explore pristine rainforest from above. You'll not only get a panoramic view of the lush,verdant rainforest, nearby islands, and the islands' historical sites, you'll do so at speeds that easily get up to 80 km/hr. on a state of the art zip-line system! Each of the 5 lines in this system is strategically placed so as to allow the bestvantage tosee views that simply defy description. Other dry entertainment includes the popular sport of Cricket – Saint Kitts and Nevis was one of the host venues of the 2007 Cricket World Cup, making this the smallest country on Earth to host a World Cup event.

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The airport on St. Kitts is the Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw (RLB) International Airport, which accepts flights from the United Kingdom, Canada, and United States, along with inter-island hops within the Caribbean. RLB, whichboasts all of the modern conveniences, is widely acclaimed to be the best mid-size airport in the Caribbean; italso provides facilities for cargo jets, private jets, and other types of aircraft. The Vance W. Amory International Airport in Charlestown, Nevis was previously known of as Bambooshay Airport, then Newcastle Airport; it was renamed in 2002 after the former Premier of Nevis, Vance Amory. This airport is also available to most aircraft. Hiring a car, van, or motorbike is easy on either island (driving is on the left), but it will be necessary to get a local, temporary driving license.