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If you're looking for a relaxing or romantic getaway vacation spot, Bermuda is the place for you. Less than 1200 miles southeast of New York, this tiny string of Atlantic Islands (one of the nine smallest places in the world at just 53 square km) is comprised of 6 main islands and 120 very small islands. Bermuda is a secluded refuge of stunning natural beauty;as soon as you arrive everything just slows down, including you. There is a lot to keep you occupied, but Bermuda is all about relaxing and rejuvenating. Mark Twain said it best: "You go to heaven if you want – I'd rather stay here in Bermuda.

Bermuda Highlights

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You can spend the balmy days on Bermuda boating, sunning, shopping, or swimming with dolphins. There are huge crystal caves to spelunk (Bermuda has one of the highest concentrations of limestone caves in the world), and historical museums, military forts, and churches to photograph. The nightlife ranges from hot jazz clubs to quiet Irish pubs.And if you like music, watch for Bermuda's gombey dancersfeaturing groups of masquerade-costumed men in bright colors dancing to music that is a wild blend of African, British, and Caribbean rhythms. As Bermuda is one of the few places in the world that bans rental cars, getting around is down to taxi, public bus, ferry, scooter/moped, bicycle, walking, and minibus/airport limo. If you can get a tee time, work on your golf game – there are 9 golf courses on this tiny island nation, one for every level of golfer!

Bermuda Accommodation Guide

Bermuda is the southernmost point of the so-called "Bermuda Triangle," although most of the alleged disappearances occurred closer to Miami, Florida. Still, this area is home to more than 300 shipwrecks and one of the healthiest coral reef systems in the world; this island is rife with once-in-a-lifetime diving opportunities. Even night diving! It's also home to Bermuda bell diving — an activity that Bermuda is famous for where you can walk on the ocean floor.

The island's many lagoons, coves, coasts, as well as its inland sanctuaries are dotted with colorful, temptingaccommodation options. In fact, there are 30 hotels and 25 B&Bs to choose from,ranging from beachfront resorts to quaint, pink cottages, to comfortable B&Bs. Bermuda is an expensive destination, so consider that as you select your accommodations. Also, in line with that, almost all foods are imported, so costs are about 50% higher than you're used to. Many find it helps to do some self-preparing in their cottage kitchen. Bear in mind, the noteworthy beaches are on the southern side of the island, yet most of the actual beachfront lodging choices are along a11 km stretch of coast that runs along the central to western tail of the island. A fun choice is the historic town of St. George, with its crooked streets, 2 B&Bs, and one hotel – the St. George's Club. This colonial settlement is England's oldestsurviving New World site, and so well-preserved it's been made a World Heritage site

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Bermuda has scheduled commercial flights to/from most major southern and eastern U.S. airports, as well as London's Gatwick Airport. At this time, there are no commercial flights between Bermuda and any other Caribbean islands; nor are there any scheduled direct flights available between Central Europe and Bermuda. Flying via England, the U.S., or Canada is the only way to get to Bermuda.