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To some, it is like taking a step back in time, to others it's like a waking up in a completely unspoiled new world. This little Garden of Eden-like paradiseis atiny volcanic peak called Saba (pronounced say-bah). It's just 13 km²in size, and is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean … and one of the most awe-inspiring. Visitors callit the "The Unspoiled Queen," and refer toSaba's interior as "the Elfin Forest" due to the high-altitude mists. Lush plant and diverse animal wildlife, all of which are protected by the Saba Conservation Foundation, abound. Underwater you'll find some of the most incredible diving on the planet, and because Saba's reefs were conserved before any human damage could occur, they are pristine.

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Hikers and diverslove Saba. The island features 18 botanical trails, all meticulously marked and maintained. Some are easy; others require skill, stamina, and an experienced guide. Some take you past ruins, some lead you to caves, and others take you to the uninhabited side of the island. Saba has just one(black sand) beach—at Well's Bay—that appears and disappearsseasonally, so if your holiday plans include playing in the surf, Saba is not for you.Up until the late 20th century everything was hand-carried onto the island, and hearty climbers canconquer the still-standing 1000+ stone steps that go up the side of the mountain.

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Underwater, Saba's colorful, unspoiled coral makes it one of the top dive spots in the world.Attractions include spectacular reefs and walls, but it is the unique pinnacles that have acquired the island a 'must-see' reputation among seasoned divers. The pinnacles are in fact the summits of numerous underwater mountains, starting at about 26 metres and extending out to the abyss.

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There are four villages on Saba: The Bottom (the largest and the capital); Windwardside, where stunning mountainvistas reach over a half mile into the sky; Hell's Gate; and St. Johns, the smallest and most residential. Tidy homesblend inwith the lush foliage of palm trees, hibiscus bushes, bromeliads and wild orchids, and pine trees found on the mountainside.There is one road on the island, called "The Road," which curves and twists and is very hard to negotiate, even for natives. Taxi drivers in modern vans are more than happy to act as your island tour guide, or you can hire a car and explore on your own.Saba has no ritzy resorts, name-brand hotels, casinos, shopping or nightlife. What it has are quaint cottages, small inns and hotels, and fabulous scenery.

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The most extreme adventure on Saba is landing and taking off. In 1963 the island built a 400 metre landing strip and the smallJuancho E. Yrausquin Airport. This landing strip is believed to be the shortest commercial runway in the world, and both starts and ends at cliff faces. Flights are available only from St. Maarten and Sint Eustatius, through Windward Islands Airways (Winair). You can also get to the island using the ferry service from St. Maarten.