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Canada's climate varies across the country, from temperate in British Columbia to quite harsh winters in the interior, Prairies and the North. Summers can be quite hot, particularly away from the coast. Most of the population is located in the southern region of the country, and most of the urban centres are located there: Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

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Canada has a variety of traditions and cultural backgrounds. In French Canada in the winter, there is a famous Quebec Winter Carnival offering snow rafting, an ice palace, and a parade. In Charlottetown, tourists flock to a home that is meant to have belonged to the fictional Anne of Green Gables, a darling of a childhood fiction series written by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Of course, it is difficult to think of Canada without considering its natural beauty. The Rockies, on the border of British Columbia and Alberta, offer stunning vistas and plenty of opportunities to view mountain goats, black bears, and deer. One not-to-be missed option is the train that wends its way through the Rocky Mountain passes for some beautiful views that just cannot be viewed from the road.

Canada has a large immigrant population and it has greatly benefitted the diversity of its population. Many different cultures and nationalities come into play in Canada's cities, offering an array of different cuisines, markets, and festivals. Paired with the natural beauty of Canada's mountains, landscapes, and mountains, Canada is an ideal destination for tourists seeking new and diverse experiences.

Skiing and snowboarding are drawing international tourists to resorts like Whistler, where skiers can enjoy two world class ski venues in a beautiful village setting tucked into a gorgeous mountain setting.

One lesser-known vacation option in Canada is a visit to Cottage Country. Thousands of families in Southern Ontario own vacation homes in idyllic spots next to lakes where they go for the weekend or summer holidays. They are wonderful places to holiday and relax.

Urban centres in Canada provide a wonderful place to explore. Vancouver for instance has Little India, Chinatown, and a little fishing village with Japanese origins called Steveston. Each of these regions add their own distinctive flair to the region and offer wonderful cuisine choices for those with a taste for adventure. During the summer months, the Chinese night market offers street food and other vendors in nearby Richmond for people seeking something new.

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If you want an adventure holiday where you don't see another human being for weeks, Canada's famous network of national parks can offer you plenty of opportunities in that direction. If you are looking for an more genteel holiday, Canada also has plenty to offer in sports, recreation, along with sophisticated urban hotels and boutique lakeside retreats.