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Mexico is spectacularly diverse. Mexico City is an incredible megalopolis with a population of over twenty million and numerous museums and cultural points of interest. There are other worthy cities to visit throughout the country featuring unique architecture and a character all their own, like Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula or Oaxaca in the deep south. The beaches and resort areas of Mexico are what draw the majority of its tourists. Whether they are interested in the beaches and night life of places like old Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, or they are interested in the more pampered resort life of nearby four and five star resorts, there is a lot to draw tourists to these aquamarine waters.

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Mexico has a volatile history, having achieved independence from Spain and then France; and these countries have left a unique imprint in the country. Having achieved independence not once but twice, the national identity of Mexico is strong.

Mexico City is an incredible city for sightseeing. Like much of Mexico, there are numerous examples of colonial architecture. In addition, you can visit the National Palace that was once occupied by Hernan Cortes. Here you can see a mural of Mexico's history painted by famed Diego Rivera, spouse of Frida Kahlo. Also performing around town is the Folklore Ballet, you can consult their website to see if any of their performances coincide with your visit to the city. One unusual thing to do close to the city is visit Xochimilco, a suburb to the south with miles of canals where you can arrange for a gondola to take you around the neighbourhoods for a leisurely afternoon.

On the Pacific coast of Mexico, there are numerous resort cities you can visit like Jalisco, Ixtapa and Puerto Vallarta. At Puerto Vallarta you can see the legendary cliff divers do their thing. But perhaps it is more satisfying to discover some less visited and pristine corner of the coast like Zihuatanejo, a beautiful and less touristed spot on the coast of Mexico that is well worth a visit.

On the Caribbean side of Mexico lies the Yucatan Peninsula with its numerous resorts all the way from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. For a less visited place to visit on the Caribbean side; you may want to visit the island of Cozumel, the coast of the island offers spectacular snorkelling and scuba opportunities. Cruises dock here and the small town's small population will mushroom for a few hours in mid-afternoon, but for the most part it is a sleepy little town that is wonderful to visit.

For a great chance to explore Mayan ruins in good condition, visit the border region of Chiapas and the ancient Mayan city-state of Palenque. These ruins are in great shape and you can hike up the central pyramid and imagine the area as it once was. The surrounding rural towns offer accommodation and restaurants as well as a chance to take a horseback ride in the jungle.

There are numerous incredible places to visit in Mexico. You can stay in a motorhome on the Baja Peninsula, buy silver at the colonial city of Taxco with its cobblestone streets, or experience the colourful culture of Oaxaca and perhaps even take a few Spanish lessons while you're there. To shop for onyx, visit Puebla. And the list goes on.

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Mexico has a lot to offer the visitor, whether your interest lies in the resorts or in perhaps exploring the less-touristed areas of central and south Mexico. There is something for all kinds of travellers in this country.