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It's generally easy to find cheap package deals to Florida, Mexico and other beach holiday destinations. Once you're there, be careful about where you eat, or go self-catering to make your holiday money go further. Guesthouses and B&Bs can be found in rural areas of the USA and Canada, as well as much of Southern America. South America and Central America are, in general, much more affordable than the North.

American Affordable Holiday Highlights

Mexico can be affordable, particularly if you stay away from the very touristy areas

Argentina has some amazing landscapes and cities

New York clearly isn't a budget destination, however, you can see many of the sights like Times Square and Central Park for free, and eat from street stalls to save shelling out on expensive restaurants
Uruguay has excellent beaches, a rich cultural life, and low prices

Honduras has a lovely coastline, fantastic holiday islands, and some fascinating historical sights

Guatamala, one of the poorest in Central America and very cheap to travel around, is a country of vibrant colours and an intriguing Mayan and Spanish history

Affordable Holidays in America

Arizona has several quintessentially America sights, including the Grand Canyon. It's a cracking destination to visit on or as part of a road trip – fuel is relatively cheap in the USA, and you can stay in motels as you travel around. Also, much of Arizona has served as the backdrop to Westerns – cruising around admiring the scenery is part of the fun, and anyway you'll need a car to make the most of your trip. You'll definitely want to stop at the Grand Canyon, either to enjoy the view or to do hiking. Arizona also has several Native American reserves – the biggest of these is the Navajo Nation, where you can try traditional food, buy curios and sleep – but not drink alcohol. Monument Valley in neighbouring Utah, is another must see – its spectacular rock formations have been in numerous films. You'll need a Navajo guide to venture off the road and find out more about the plant and animal life in this remarkable desert landscape.

Nicaragua isn't your average holiday destination, but there's a lot to see in this small, tropical nation. The Caribbean coast is a fascinating mixture of languages and people. Try staying at Big Corn Island – there's a range of accommodation available, including a youth hostel and budget hotels. Enjoy the snorkelling and swimming, and sail to car-free and picturesque Little Corn Island. On the Pacific coast, head to San Juan del Sur. This is an excellent choice for renting a villa – buy your provisions in the local market to save your pennies. There's an amazing beach where you can lie in a hammock and read your paperback, or you can join one of the adventure excursions – these include quad biking, horse riding and jet skiing. Nicuragua is increasingly popular with foreign tourists, so go soon to get the best deals.

Belize has a lengthy coast on the Caribbean Sea. It's perfect for beach holidays, and also of interest to those who want to see Mayan ruins – the sites here are far less crowded than the major temples in Mexico. The island of Ambergris Caye is Belize's top attraction, but is still laid back and relatively undeveloped. There are numerous places to stay in this island, which has pristine white sands and the world's second largest barrier reef, but the best way to stay on a budget is to rent an apartment or villa. Belize's Cayo district is a top choice if you want an adventure holiday rather than one which revolves around the beach – trek into jungles to see magnificent waterfalls, explore deep and mysterious caves, and see the ruins of Caracol, which was a hugely important Mayan city.

New Orleans – There's a lot to see in New Orleans, and much of it won't cost you a dime. One of the main attractions is simply wandering the streets to see what's going on, visiting the parks and the Cities of the Dead, the enormous cemeteries. Take a river ferry on the Mississippi and drink in one of the many, many local bars – Bourbon Street can be something of a tourist trap, but it's big enough that you'll find somewhere on budget. New Orleans is also excellent for cheap and tasty eats. Try a muffeletta, an enormous sandwich that will feed two for lunch or one for much of the day, and eat gumbo or jambulaya for dinner.