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Chile is a long and skinny country, its geo-political history having shaped it this way such that it is on average only 180 km wide, and 94 km wide at its narrowest point. Today it is known for its burgeoning economy, and tourism is only a part of that. Agriculture, particularly viniculture, makes up a large part of its economy.
The area is geographically diverse, offering a tropical climate in the centre, desert in the north, and alpine tundra in the south. There are many wonderful vistas of spectacular scenery that go along with these different climatic and geographical zones. They can be explored on foot, by kayak, or by mountain bike.

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The capital of Santiago, Pablo Neruda's former home, offers a wealth of sightseeing opportunities, including churches, museums, and other landmarks. Chile's wildlife also varies from flamingos in the north to penguins in the south

Chile has quietly been making a name for itself over the last few decades in viniculture. You may want to tour the different wine regions in Chile. Primarily known for its red varietals, the wine growing areas of Chile are mostly clustered around Santiago. A wine tour is a delicious way to explore the wineries and there are several commercial operators in the area.

In the north, there is the Chile Atacama desert, where some areas haven't seen rain in approximately four hundred years. With dormant volcanoes in the distance, you will likely only meet goat and llama herders as you explore this stark landscape in the Andes. Mummies that are over 9000 years old have been discovered here. You can visit on a seven day trek and combine it with at trek of Patagonia to explore the geographical contrasts of Chile.

In central Chile, you can go off the coast to visit Easter Island, a tiny volcanic island in the isolated eastern side of South Pacific ocean. Polynesian colonizers left massive stone statue busts of stern visages studding the landscape. You can walk among these 'ahu' to understand the scale of this undertaking on your visit. Afterwards, you may want to don your wetsuit and go diving among the coral shoals that rim the island for a wonderful marine viewing opportunity.

Patagonia is a major draw in Chile. In the south, this arid landscape offers views of snow capped mountains with wildlife like llamas, penguins, and raptors. The best place to visit is the Torres del Paine National park which has roads with lookouts and many excellent hiking trails. Specialist operators can arrange guided tours of the mountains that last a few days or much longer. Along the coast are spectacular fjords and glaciers with a variety of cruises to view them up close, with St Rafael Glacier being the most photogenic.

Santiago is a major draw for tourists as well, with its monuments to Pablo Neruda, and the new Museum of Memory and Human Rights, a memoir dedicated to the hardships of the Pinochet regime.

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There are many places to visit and many sights to see in Chile. Whether you want an adventure in trekking in the desert or the alpine terrain of the south or you prefer a winery tour, there are plenty of options for staying in a hotel, motel or guesthouse.