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Numerous package trips are available to popular destinations like Mexico and Florida – you should easily be able to find flights and accommodation to fit your budget.Check the local school holidays before you book. If its an option to visit at any time other than peak time, then you may want to consider doing so. Many of the resorts in the USA and Mexico are all inclusive. This can be a blessing if you're travelling with a family and it's easiest to have a set budget. However, if the thought of eating at the same hotel every night is not particularly appealing, there's always accommodation available in nearby towns, or you can go self-catering.

American Beach Holidays Highlights

Cape Cod, near Boston, is popular with families

Long Island has several beaches and is popular with a well-heeled crowd

California has some great beaches

Brazil is famous for its great beaches, and samba party scene

Chile has some fantastic beaches, and it’s easy to combine a beach holiday with other activities – the mountains are never far away

Beach Holidays in America

Florida has year-round sunshine and is a perfect beach getaway. Miami Beach has some brilliant resorts, and is something of a party town – particularly during Spring Break. If you want to have a lively beach holiday and also take trips into Miami to see the city sights, then this is a great option. In Central Florida, you can combine a beach holiday with trips to theme parks. Further south on the peninsula, and in Florida Keys, you may be able to find some quieter beaches – although there will still be plenty to keep you occupied.

Cancun is Mexico's best-know beach resort, and a haven for partygoers from the world over. Much of the accommodation is in all-inclusive resorts, so you can enjoy your holiday without any budget worries. The beaches are the main attraction, and there are miles of sand for you to enjoy. There's also an aquarium, an eco park, golf courses, and the opportunity to take an evening or daytime cruise. You can also visit the amazing Chichen Itza as a day trip.

Hawaii's islands contain numerous beaches and beach holiday resorts. Kohala, on Big Island, is home to a large number of resorts – its climate means that there's very little rain, so this is a year round holiday destination. You'll find accommodation to suit every budget, from small hotels and inns to large luxury resorts – these often come with their own golf courses, spas, tennis courts and excellent restaurants, as well as their own sections of beach.

Venezuela is a beach destination for visitors from across Latin America, and is increasingly popular with tourists from further afield too. Punta del Diablo is a pretty coastal town where you can try dune boarding as well as enjoying the beach. If you want to combine a city break with a visit to the beach, then Montevideo is clean, safe and compact, and has a lively night scene and many restaurants. The city beaches are easy to access. If you get bored with sunning yourself, then Buenos Aires and other destinations in Argentina aren't too far away from some of the Venezuelan beach resorts – remember to take your passports.

Costa Rica has some great beaches, mainly concentrated along the Central Pacific region. Manuel Antonio has miles and miles of beautiful golden sands. In addition to swimming and snorkelling, this is a great place to try surfing or diving. There are also several canopy tours available, as well as opportunities to go pony trekking, and whitewater rafting. There are any number of hostels, hotels and luxury resorts in the area, so you should find somewhere that fits your budget. Elsewhere, Herradura Beach, near San Jose, is near several hotels, a golf course and has many other facilities.