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Argentina is a long country that spans many different climatic and geographic regions, from sub-tropics in the north where it borders Brazil and the rainforest, to the subpolar regions of Tierra del Fuego on the southernmost point of South America. Within these extremes you will find the alpine territories of the Andes as well, making Argentina's nickname "Land of Six Continents" well earned.

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There are many things to do and experience in Argentina. You can watch or learn the tango in Buenos Aires, go trekking on a glacier, or see penguins near Ushuaia. You can also visit wineries, climb a mountain, or see Iguazu Falls where Argentina and Brazil meet.

Buenos Aires is a city of largely European heritage, and with almost twelve million inhabitants, it is a sprawling metropolis. Visitors are mainly interested in the city's historical centre, areas such as Monserrat, home to some of the city's oldest churches, and San Telmo, the neighbourhood of the tango and one of the city's oldest neighbourhoods. Perhaps some of the nicest things to do while visiting Buenos Aires are to simply enjoy a coffee at one of the sidewalk cafes, or visit one of the tango-themed bars.

Trekking in Argentina is a very popular pastime as the country is so varied and its scenery is so wild and beautiful. In the north you can trek alongside Iguazu Falls, a hike that offers numerous unparalleled vistas of these unique waterfalls. There are over 275 of them, and the view from the rainforest is spectacular. Another hike you might want to take is the one at Tierra del Fuego, where you can see birdlife from penguins to albatross, and hike to the southernmost tip of South America. There are also ice caves to explore at Alvear Glacier in the region.

Other treks you may want to undertake are through the Lake District in the Andes, where shelters or refugios offer a place to bunk down and even some provisions. You can access these trails from Bariloche.

For other outdoor activities you may want to pursue include skiing in the Andes. For an unusual cultural experience, you may want to arrange a gaucho excursion with South American cowboys, riding with them, herding cows, and sleeping under the stars.

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For an authentic Argentine experience there are plenty of choices for accommodation whether in the city or in a rural location.