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Bolivia is home to the world's highest capital city of La Paz at over 3.5 km above sea level. It is known for its natural scenery and has numerous beautiful vistas that visitors can enjoy, including the awe-inspiring Laguna Colorada where flamingos make their colourful home at the foot of a volcano. The country has mountains, valleys, and lowlands, and varying climates ranging from tropical to temperate (snow has been known to fall at higher elevations.) The Amazon in central Bolivia offers year round tropical temperatures, and visitors can take cruises of this unique rainforest climate and wake to the sounds of monkeys and the splashing of pink river dolphins.

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Lake Titicaca in northwest Bolivia, offers unique paddling and sightseeing opportunities. There are unique manmade reed islands that you can visit in the lake. Again, this is a high altitude lake at 3.8 km above sea level, and altitude sickness may be a factor, so it may be best to become acclimatized before undertaking strenuous activity.

Bolivia has a large indigenous population of Indians, and while Spanish is frequently spoken, other Indian languages are also often encountered. These include Aymara, Quechua, and Tupi-guarani or Guarani in some regions. The indigenous cultures of the area add their own distinct cultural influence to the customs of Bolivia, and add to the diversity of the region.

Called one of the most authentic and culturally intact celebrations in the world, the Carnival as celebrated in Oruru and with its Entrada and Diablada procession it is a must-see if you happen to be in the region at this time of year.

There are various trekking opportunities for explorers in Bolivia. You can go for a deluxe excursion and book a guide, porters, and mules in Sorata to climb the Cordillera Real with its several high peaks if you are looking for a different experience. Another alternative are the areas of Smaipata, Tunari, and Chapare where you can combine trekking with options like rafting, rapelling, paragliding, or mountain biking. There are numerous outfitters in La Paz and Santa Cruz that can arrange almost any outdoor adventure you can imagine.

Cochamba is also known for its National Parks and trekking, while nearby to La Paz you can visit Toro Toro where you can see dinosaur footprints and fossils. Also close to La Paz, you can visit the Uyuni Salt Field for an eerie view of an endless white plain. Incan ruins can also be viewed in Bolivia at Tiwanaku, Incallajta and Samaipata.

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No matter what your orientation on your holiday, if it's towards gentle scenic vistas or adventure tourism, Bolivia has a lot to offer in accommodation. Just be careful to remain hydrated, and you should be great to enjoy all the stunning scenery and culture that this country offers its visitors.