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The climate of this land-locked country is seasonal, ranging from hot summers and warm springs to a rainy season that lasts from October to March. The Chaco region in the west holds only two percent of the population and is a dry and arid plain yet is home to most of the ecological and biological wealth of the country. You can catch a football game in the capital of Asuncion, or visit the ecological reserve of Mbatovi and climb above the forest canopy. There are numerous national parks to explore, and you can explore them by rafting, rappelling, mountain biking, or trekking.

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Thanks to immigrant German communities, Paraguay offers the unique chance to celebrate an authentic Oktoberfest in the tropical and sub-tropical climates of South America. Large émigré communities chose to settle in Paraguay since before the turn of the twentieth century. Now their cultural heritage adds to the diversity of the region.

There are opportunities in Paraguay to view some unusual Jesuit ruins. There is the UNESCO site near Encarnacion at the Parana River called Jesus y Trinidad, the church and outbuildings are in remarkable condition and the green rolling hills make a beautiful backdrop for the red brown stone of the church. For a less-visited option, try the nearby ruins of San Cosme y Damian where wooden sculptures of angels, demons, and saints display the earnest efforts of the Jesuits to promote their faith among the Indian population.

Visit regions like Guaira for its handicrafts and access to German villages and their access to wine and other European delicacies. National Parks like Ybyturusu offer opportunities to pursue sports and activities like rappelling, kayaking, climbing, and mountain biking in this picturesque region.

Nearby to Asuncion is the Campo Maria Ausiliadora, a rain forest trek that leads to waterfalls, while Caleras Risso near the town of Concepcion is a great place to explore caves, snorkel, trek, and go canoeing.

Asuncion is a pretty colonial town with plenty of creature comforts. In terms of culture, there are museums, colonial architecture, and landmarks. One landmark of particular significance to Paraguay is the Panteon Nacional de los Heroes, a marker commemorating the invasion of Bolivia in the late 19th Century by its neighbours. The invasion decimated the male population of Paraguay and the memorial commemorates that loss.

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Paraguay offers a lot to visitors, and the contrasts are remarkable with its Spanish, European, and Indian influences. The mix has made for an interesting diversity in its cultural mix and there a number of different activities that are open to visitors looking to experience both old and new aspects of this land-locked nation.