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With a long coastline along the Pacific side rather than the Caribbean side of the Central American isthmus, El Salvador is unique among its neighbours. The coast is becoming well known among destination surfers for its great surf and the area is drawing a lot of attention for this reason. The country is also making a name for itself as an eco-tourism destination for its hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking. There are numerous parks covering different regions and climates throughout the country, and each has its own unique attractions. The area has over twenty volcanoes, and hiking up a volcano provides a great vantage point over the surrounding countryside.

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El Salvador is a good destination for exploring the natural scenery and wildlife. There are lush forests in El Imposible National Park, or mangrove wetlands and beaches in Barra de Santiago which offers prime viewing opportunities to birdwatchers. You can kayak in Bahia de Jiquilisco, a picturesque bay located in a protected area that offers paddlers access to mangroves. If you want an extended trip, you can engage a guide that will provide you with all the equipment you will need for your trip. Along the way you can spot wildlife like monkeys, butterflies, and plenty of birdlife. The rainforest is also home to several sites of Mayan ruins, many of which have not yet been fully excavated.

The cities of El Salvador provide many opportunities for visitors to view monuments, unique architecture, and museums, particularly in the capital city of San Salvador.

For dedicated surfers, the Pacific coastline of El Salvador offers prime surf. Many hotels along the coast offer surfer specials for these visitors. Places like La Libertad, less than an hour from San Salvador are gaining popularity among this crowd.

Nahuizalco, not far from San Salvador, is home to a primarily indigenous culture and is famous for its handicrafts. The area also offers access to the La Golondrinera Waterfall, accessible after a day hike into the forest.

Other activities that you can undertake in El Salvador include deep sea fishing and diving. You can also hike up a volcano like Conchagua in southeastern El Salvador for a bird's eye view of the coast. The celebrated Mayan ruins at Joya de Ceren are special in that they represent the remnants of a pre-Colombian settlement that was buried twice by lava from a volcano.

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There are plenty of accommodations for the adventurous traveller in El Salvador.