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In its colonial era Guyana was known as British Guiana and hence the main language is English. These countries are a bit off the beaten track for people looking for a South American vacation. Although the interior of Guyana ismade up of regions of the Amazonian rainforest, much of it is too dense to be penetrated by people and they remain uninhabited. Fortunately, there are eco-outfitters located in the main town which will take visitors into portions of the Amazon on tours. The rainforests of this region are remarkable for their biodiversity, and the sights are not to be missed.

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Over 80% of Guyana is covered by forest, and there are some savannahs like the Rupununi Savannah. Many people that visit the country opt to hire a guide and a vehicle to penetrate the interior of the country to see this relatively remote and unspoiled landscape. One of the more remarkable sights in Guyana is the Kaieteur Falls in the park of the same name. By volume, this is the largest single drop falls in the world at 226 m for the first drop, followed by another 25m drop. You can reach these falls in a single day by plane, or you can make a true voyage out of it by arranging passage up the Essequibo River, a sight in itself with almost a thousand islands. Kaieteur National Park and Iwokrama make great spots for bird-watching as Guyana has over 800 species of resident and migratory birds at different times of year.

Travellers can also arrange a deep sea fishing charter. In addition, there is the 33 900 square kilometre Guiana Amazonian Park that travellers can arrange to visit with local tour guides.

Georgetown in Guyana is the garden city of the Caribbean with 100 acres of botanical gardens and rich bird life. It also boasts the world's tallest wooden building, St. Georges Cathedral. The entire city has very unusual colonial architecture of the 18th to 19th century. Immediately south of the city you can find the world's longest pontoon bridge that stretches across the Demerara River.

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Tourist resources and accommodation In Guyana is limited and there are only anhandful of tour compnaies to explore with. Here you can explore parts of the Amazon which have seen few visitors, and see cities and towns where residents are unaccustomed to tourists.