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The Azores are a Portuguese territory, located off the north coast of Africa. These are beautiful destinations, and offer whale watching, scuba diving, swimming – either alone or with dolphins – walking trails and hot springs. The Azores have long been a favoured honeymoon destination because of their relative remoteness and laid-back pace. However, they are also a destination for families who want to enjoy beaches but avoid the commercialisation of some of the resorts in the Atlantic and the Med. The Azores are also a popular destination for birds and birdwatchers. If you want somewhere to relax and enjoy good company, the Azores are just the ticket.

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Sao Miguel is the main island of the Azores, and is famous for its lush green countryside and hot springs – there are also nature reserves, waterfalls and historic churches. Sao Miguel also has the islands' capital, Ponta Delgada, which is the major hub for travelling in the region – it's also has the busiest nightlife in the Azores, with numerous restaurants and bars. Try some passion fruit liqueur before you return home. Ribeira Grande is the Azore's second biggest city and is also located on Sao Miguel. Explore the historic city centre and cathedral ruins, and stop for a quiet drink at one of the local cafes.

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Pretty Terceira is famous for its summer festivals, and you will love the colour of its main settlement, Angra do Heroismo. Corvo is the smallest island. Just like Pamplona, every year there is a running of the bulls – if you want to join in, make sure your holiday insurance covers getting stamped or gored! You can also get a taxi around the vineyards. The best way to see the Azores is by boat. While you can get cruises of the islands, experienced skippers may want to hire their own to enjoy these beautiful islands at a relaxed pace.

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The Azores can be easily reached from the main European hubs, and there are also connections to Madeira.