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There is, apparently, the perfect Greek island for every visitor. Whether you're into clubbing, snorkelling, ancient sights, sunning yourself, poetry, religion, meditation or sailing, you'll find somewhere in Greece to fall in love with. If you find that's not your initial arrival point, then there's nothing for it but to drift around the Aegean until you find your perfect holiday. Greece is mainly a summer destination. Some islands are easily accessible through package tours and direct flights. Other visitors may delight in using the ferry network to find remote idylls – and those who own or hire their own boat will enjoy the islands to their fullest potential.


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The Acropolis in Athens is outstanding, even in a country filled with amazing classical architecture. Athens has enjoyable coffee-houses and restaurants, and a celebrated nightlife. More practically, it is the main transport hub for visiting most of the Greek Islands. These include bustling Santorini, famous for its sunsets and jaw-dropping architecture. Scooters zip around the old town of Rhodes, while nearby Lindos has a beautiful and romantic chapel. Lush Corfu is another popular holiday paradise. It would be easy to spend all your time in Crete, enjoying the coast and olive; the Knossos is the most famous sight on the island, but the former leper colony of Spinalonga is also intriguing.

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On the mainland, Thessaloniki is a lively student town, with ancient catacombs underneath the city where Christianity was initially practised in secret. You can drop in on the ancient gods at Mount Olympus, or make a prediction at Delphi. There are too many islands to mention all of them, but laid back, arty Patmos was where the Book of Revelations was written. Those seeking glamour and glitz should head for fashionable Mykonos. The Fourni Islands used to attract pirates wishing to hide in a remote location – now they attract tourists keen to enjoy some of Greece's most peaceful and beautiful islands.

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You could spend a lifetime travelling the Greece and still not see everything the country has to offer. But it would be a lifetime well spent!