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Malta is a small, sun-baked, stony island in the middle of the Med. Once a British colony, it is now a popular resort for visitors across Europe. Unsurprisingly, its main attraction is its climate and clean, warm sea – however, there are surprisingly few beaches, and most sunbathing is done on rocky lidos. The Maltese tourist season begins earlier and ends later than most other Mediterranean destinations; it starts getting hot in around April, and the sun is still shining in October. Malta is a hassle-free destination beloved of families and senior travellers, while honeymooners may particularly enjoy a tranquil break away from the main island. Maltese food is fantastic and similar to Italian – the pizza and pasta dishes are incredible, as is the seafood.


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You can easily spend your time swimming, sunbathing and having the occasional ice-cold beer! Popular excursions include various cruises around the island, which stop every so often to allow visitors to swim. Away from the beach, Valetta was once the headquarters of the Knights Hospitallers, and they and the natural barriers of the island formed an all-important Christian line of defence against the marauding Turks. The massive fortifications are testament to Malta's strategic location, and visitors can wander Valetta's narrow streets and visit the Knight's auberges. Rabat, the former capital, is an inland medieval walled city, with excellent views across the island.

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Many tourists base themselves in Sliema or Buggiba, and use the island's distinctive yellow buses to get around. Paceville is the liveliest place for nightlife on the island. Those who fancy a break on a desert island can come close by staying on the hotel on tiny Comino. Gozo is where Odysseus was held captive by a beautiful nymph – any sympathy you may feel for him will evaporate on sight of Gozo's beautiful and peaceful villages, calm inlets and picturesque churches.

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And if you want to eat the national dish, tuck into a plate of rabbit before you leave. As Bugs and co were the biggest game on the island, the Knights claimed exclusive hunting rights over the furry critters!