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Iceland has recently been in the news more for its troublesome volcanic ash and banking crisis than it's unique travel opportunities. It doesn't seem very fair, but then the global recession has made a traditionally expensive destination more affordable for many. Iceland is popular with anglers, hunters and wildlife watchers – but it also attracts people who are seeking something a little bit different. Famous for hot geysers, bizarre food (singed sheep's head, anyone?), volcanoes and otherworldly landscapes, Iceland is a holiday destination unlike anywhere else on the planet.


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Friendly, compact Reykjavik is where you're likely to start. Enjoy wandering the streets, enjoying the brightly coloured buildings. There are several outdoor geothermal pools in and around the capital, which are an essential Icelandic experience, and you can also join whale watching expeditions into the Atlantic. But the best attractions are outside the capital. The Golden Circle route includes three stunning attractions; Geyser, where boiling jets of water shoot out the ground, Gulfoss, an awe-inspiring waterfall, and the dramatic Thingvellir National Park. The famous Blue Lagoon is another highlight – you can stay warm in the enormous geothermal pool even in the middle of winter.

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The remote Westfjords are one of the trendiest destinations in the world at the moment – come here to find spectacular peaks and waterfalls, and enjoy the tranquillity. In the north of the country, Dimmuborgir is translated as the "dark fortress" – its eerie, lava shaped landscape is sure to fascinate, but don't explore too far as Norse legend has it that the gate to the underworld is located somewhere amongst the strange rock foundations. Nearby there is a sulphuric spring, volcanic craters and Krafla, where the stone remains steaming from eruptions in the early 1980s. At Jökulsárlón, you can marvel at icebergs floating in a lagoon – you can take a boat trip to get a closer look.

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Although Iceland is far away from major population hubs, it's easy to get to and from. There are regular flights from the US, Canada and Europe, and those with time to spare can book a ticket on a ferry from Denmark.