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In the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it is claimed that the designer of Sweden won a special award. And Norway's fjords really are spectacular, with their cliffs towering hundreds of meters around the narrow, dark blue sea inlets. You can get away from it all by walking the sparsely populated countryside, but the less energetic may prefer to take in the fjords by booking one of the popular cruises up the Norwegian coasts. Norway is also one of the best places in the world to view the Northern Lights. However, the vibrant, clean cities are also a top attraction, and many visitors choose to combine both a visit to one or two cities with a trip into the hinterland.


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Oslo is the main gateway to Norway, and visitors can enjoy its numerous museums, covering Norway's history, art and design, as well as either try ski-jumping or mountain biking at Holmenkollen, depending on the season. Oslo is possibly the most expensive city in the world, but impecunious backpackers can enjoy walking and swimming in the nearby lakes and forests, and admiring the sculptures in Frogner Park. To the West, Hanseatic Bergen is a good place to view fjords without travelling far into the north; while Bergen has some historic sights, it's also a cultural centre and particularly noted for live music. Further north along the coast, the ancient city of Trondheim is the last major centre before the North Pole.

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Most of Norway's population and conventional sights are in the south, while the sparsely populated north is the best region for wildlife and some outdoors sports. At the Artic islands of Svalbard, shared with Russia, you can see puffins, Arctic foxes and polar bears. Northern Norway is also one of the last strongholds of the mysterious Sami, the indigenous people of the Arctic. Nearby Nordkapp is (almost!) the northernmost point of Europe. Much further south is Stavanger, worth a stop to view the gigantic Swords in Mountain monument – it also has a lively nightlife. Norwegians holiday around pretty Kristiansand, to enjoy the peaceful coast.

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Norway has ferry connections to Sweden, but you can also hop on a boat across the North Sea to Newcastle, where the beer will seem like a bargain!