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Montenegro means the 'Black Mountain'. It's the country directly below Croatia on the Adriatic coastline, which means that it shares the same clear, warm waters as its better-known neighbour. It also has scenic walled cities that rival anything further north. Montenegro's tourist industry suffered badly because of the Yugoslav War, but it's now thriving. The coastal towns can be discovered on a cruise, but if you're going to Dubrovnik, then consider drifting down the sun-kissed coast to this beautiful country. Although most of the tourism is along the Adriatic, the interior has some beautiful national parks and mountain regions that have largely been untouched by visitors.


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Budva is the main tourist resort, and has a lively strip of hotels, restaurants and bars. It's busy with tourists from Eastern Europe and Russia, who visit to lie on the beach, wander the old town, and see both the statue of the dancing girl and some real life, scantily clad versions. If that sounds a little bit tacky, then don't despair. Kotor is a lovely walled town with a magical atmosphere, sited at the head of the deepest fjord in the Med, with a beautiful cathedral. Nearby Bar is inland, and has a spectacular castle as well as an old town with shady lanes and cobbled streets. It's also well worth visiting a coastal village too, to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere – try Perast, near Kotor, if you just fancy chilling out.

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Zabljak is Montegro's premier mountain resort. In the winter, it's a case for skiing and snowboarding. In the summer, it is a great place to hike and cycle. Outdoorsy types should also visit Durmitor National Park, where you can raft down the Tara Gorge. If you're interested in Montenegrin history, then you should definitely visit Cetinje to see the monastery and the museums. Another historical town is Herceg Novi, at the head of the Bay of Kotor. The old town is similar to Dubrovnik's, but far less busy. You can also enjoy some mud therapy in the town's spas, and visit the local market to buy sheep's cheese and prsut, the local smoked ham.

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It will almost certainly be more economically to travel overland or by sea to Montenegro than use the airport at Podgorica; there are good links from here to Serbia and Croatia.