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Cyprus is a favourite of British holidaymakers, with a near year-round warm climate, resorts suitable for families, senior travellers couples and young partygoers, enjoyable cuisine and plenty of opportunities to sunbathe and swim. Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Med, and is split between the Turkish state in the north and the Republic of Cyprus in the South, although the two sides now co-exist fairly amicably. Most people in Cyprus speak English, so it's a very easy holiday destination. There are plenty of luxury resorts, and also fantastic villas that are a great option if you're travelling with your extended family or in a large group – although it's also possible to find some excellent budget deals to Cyprus.


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If you're into going out, then Ayia Napa is a Mecca for clubbers. It has some of the biggest and best clubs in the Med outside Ibiza, although the area was originally a hit with tourists because of its beautiful beaches. Limassol is another favourite with holidaymakers. Its quieter than Ayia Napa in the summer, and offers a great selection of pubs and restaurants – if you want to relax, try visiting the medieval castle or strolling along the promenade in the evening. If you fancy some time away from the beach, head to Lefkara, a picturesque village in the middle of Cyprus.

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Nicosia, Cyprus' capital, has some very interesting restaurants that cover the history of the region, and is also a great place to shop. There's also a hamman, or Turkish bath, here – check ahead to see which day it can accommodate your group on, as men, women and mixed groups are allocated specific days. If you're on a budget, then you might find cheaper and tastier meals at fast food places aimed at locals than at the cafes that offer roast beef and full English breakfasts. Whatever your budget, you should definitely try tucking into some of the local kebabs.

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There are numerous flights to Cyprus from across Europe.