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Poland is no longer the bargain holiday destination it once was, but the last decade has seen the tourist industry develop and improve. The cities are probably the main draw, and very popular as short break destinations for couples and groups of friends. A weekend should be enough for you and your travelling companions can enjoy both the city and nearby sights – depending on where you are in Poland, these are as varied as Gothic castles, rugged mountains and historic locations made famous through Poland's past as one of the key battlegrounds of Europe. The pristine and largely undeveloped Baltic Sea coast traditionally attracts Poles on seaside holidays, and foreign visitors may also enjoy the quaint fishing villages dotted around the coast.


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There are two contenders for the title of Poland's premier city. Courageous Warsaw, the modern capital, was badly damaged in the 1939 siege, yet its old town and castle have been painstakingly reconstructed. Krakow is the most-visited city in the country. If you tire of the spectacular castle and magnificent town square, then take a trip to the nearby salt mines to view an entire chapel made of salt, including a sculpture of da Vinci's Last Supper – just don't try to lick it! More seriously, visitors come to Krakow pay their respects at nearby Oswiecim, better known to the world as Auschwitz. Rural Poland offers a slower pace of life, and even the most devoted urbanite should visit the gorgeous countryside.

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Gdansk, Poland's major port and the birthplace of Solidarity, is a worthwhile base if you are interested in visiting the Baltic Coast and the incredible Malbork Castle. It's even possible to go on a boat to Hel, which is actually a small village in Pomerania. The Masurian Lakes and Bialowieza National Parks are perfect for those who want a holiday in Poland away from the bustling cities. The Tatra mountains in the south are some of Europe's highest peaks, and those worried about their carbon footprint may fancy continuing their travels by walking neighbouring Slovakia on mountain trails.

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Finally, it's also worth remembering that Poland claims to be the birthplace of vodka – so it's only fair to sample a shot or two while you're there!