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Central Europe consists of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, the Czech and Slovak republics, Slovenia and Romania. This region shares a rich and complex history, with much of it dominated by the Hapsburgs. It's therefore an excellent region to visit if you're interested in castles, or want to find out more about the region's turbulent past. The cities are particularly vibrant – stop for a traditional cake before heading off to a trendy pub. Further east are the vast and remote lands of Russia and the Ukraine – head here to have adventures beyond most Westerners' experience. Travel here to see the seaside resorts of the Crimea in Ukraine, and the fabulous cities of Moscow and St Petersberg.

Central Europe

Central Europe Holidays Guide

Sometimes, only concentrating on capital cities can feel a little bit repetitive – try getting out into the smaller towns and provincial capitals to get real feel for life in this region; places like Sighisoara in Romania, Eger in Hungary, Fussen in Germany and many other towns are close to attractions and have great facilities, but give you a chance to see more of the country. Food wise, schnitzels, stews, soups and pasta are popular throughout the region. Many of the countries in central and eastern Europe produce wine; sweet wine is popular here, although you can always find dry varieties. This is an excellent region for beer drinkers too.

Popular Central Europe Holiday Destinations

City breaks are universally popular in this region. Try spending a weekend in Berlin, Munich, Saltzburg, Gdansk, Krakow, Prague, Warsaw, Brasov, or Ljubljana – everyone will find something they enjoy. Multi-country breaks of various descriptions are available – a particularly popular itinerary is Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava, as the three capitals are very close together.

If you’re into skiing, then there are some great runs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Romania. These countries in particular are also excellent for mountain hikes outside of the ski season, but there are walking routes everywhere. Cruises are a popular way to see the cities along the Danube and major Russian rivers.

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It's very easy to get around this region, as the train system is generally excellent. However, always go for Intercity when you can, and avoid the trains that stop at every hamlet.