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Southern Europe, including Portugal, Spain, The South of France, Italy, the Balkans, Greece and Turkey, is a real treat. Mild winters and scorching summers make these countries year-round destinations. Most visitors flock to the beaches, but city breaks are also tremendously popular. This region is particularly noted for its contribution to world art and culture, a fantastically laid-back lifestyle, some of the most beautiful and cultured cities on the planet, and picturesque villages. The food is also generally excellent – you’ll find fancy fine dining in the cities, but to many, the local tavernas, bistros, trattorias and mehanas serve dishes that are just as tasty.

Top Places to Visit

Southern Europe Holidays Guide

If you’re looking for beaches, then Portugal, Spain and the Canary Islands are the most popular destination. The South of France and the Almafi Coast are both fairly swanky and exclusive, while Croatia has arguably the cleanest and least developed coast. If you want to see the cities, then try Barcelona, Madrid, Granada or Valencia in Spain, Rome, Florence or Venice in Italy, Athens in Greece and Istanbul, Antalya or Izmir in Turkey. Great pieces of classical and renaissance art and architecture are scattered around the region, and not just in the cities or countries that you’d most closely identify with either – check out the Roman amphitheatre in Pula or some of the Spanish palaces.

If you're travelling within the region, then the train system is generally very good, and there are also many ferry routes.

Cruises are a very popular way to see this part of Europe. The interior of the Balkans is the quietest area of the region, and worth check out if you want to get away from the crowds. The Bulgarian cities of Plovdiv and Veliko Turnovo are well worth a look, as are Belgrade and Sarajevo.

Travel Info
Southern Europe is very easy to reach, and there are many major airports throughout the region – in fact, it's worth getting quotes for flights both to the city that you intend to fly to and any surrounding ones, to make sure you get the best deal. There's also a very wide range of accommodation available – whether you're travelling in style or on a budget, you'll find something to suit.