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The chances are that the only person you're heard of who has holidayed in Albania is Lord Voldemort, who recuperated here after his first meeting with Harry Potter. Albania isn't on most people's must-see destinations, but undeservedly so – and you don't need to have no nose to visit! The coast is as beautiful as anywhere in the Adriatic, but has far fewer tourists than Croatia, Greece or even Montenegro. You can get a feel for what life used to be like in much of the Med, by visiting the unspoilt and peaceful villages, far from any package resorts. Inland, the beautiful mountains are even more secluded, and you can wander around quaint villages where life has scarcely changed for hundreds of years.


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Tirana is the capital, is an emerging modern capital with plenty of reminders of its Stalinist past, as well as an older mosque and numerous parks. Nearby Durres is another major city, more laid back and perhaps more tourist friendly – see the Roman amphitheatre here, as well as the city walls, palace and archaeological museum. The Albanian Riveria is possibly the country's star attraction. It's a string of small towns along the coast, where you can swim, try boating and visit monasteries, or generally just kick back and enjoy life. There are also various classical remains along the coast, with the most notable being at Burint, which has impressive Greek and Roman remains.

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Kruje, near Tirana, should be visited for its spectacular fortress and bazaar. Inland Albania has two remarkable cities that are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Ancient Berat is sometimes called the 'City of a Thousand Windows' because of its unique architecture. It has churches from the Byzantine era and mosques from Ottoman rule. Try walking one of the narrow footpaths of the old town, which wind their way up to the Citadel.Gjirokaster also has a castle on a hill, and one of the oldest bazaars in the country, with a strong Turkish influence.

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To get to Albania, fly to Tirana or get a ferry from Corfu.