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Of all the countries that have emerged from the former Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Hercegovia is possibly the one that bears the most scars from the war, and the road to recovery is a long one. However, things are undoubtedly looking up. The cities of Sarajevo and Mostar are firmly back on tourist itineraries; both are scenic and lively destinations – although there's also plenty to see in the lesser-known cities too. The mountainous countryside is ideal for fishing, hiking and hunting, and Bosnia-Hercegrovinia is growing in popularity with skiiers.


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Sarajevo is a beautiful city; a modern European capital with an Eastern twist. It has some unique historical sights – you can see the bridge where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, this sparking WWI. One of the tunnels used to run goods into the city during the siege of Sarajevo has been preserved. Stop for a coffee in the Turkish Quarter and visit the synagogue, mosques and churches. Often visited as a stop-off between Sarajevo and Dubrovnik, Mostar has numerous museums you can see locals diving off the famous bridge, and wander the alleyways of the Old Town.

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Bosnia-Hercegovina is split in two, with a Serbian section and a Croat and Muslim region. The capital of the former is Banja Luka, which has thumping Serbian style nightlife – there are also churches, a palace and a castle, and if you're travelling around the Balkans there's a good chance that you'll change trains or buses here. Teslic is the main spa resort, and attracts many tourists from Eastern Europe. If you're travelling along the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, then the chances are you'll stop at Neum, Bosnia's main coastal resort on its tiny stretch of coastline. It has sandy beaches and is a quiet family resort.

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Sarajevo can be expensive to fly to and can take an eternity to reach from Belgrade – the best way to get in is to start at Dubrovnik.