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Even within the tremendously varied continent of Europe, Northern Europe is something else. Apart from Northern France, nearly all the countries are fairly small, in terms of geographical area, but all have made contributions to world history, design or culture that punch far above their weight. This region includes Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. City breaks are immensely popular here, and the area is excellent for outdoors pursuits. There are also many historical sights to see here, including museums, battlefields from the World Wars, medieval castles and palaces.

Top Places to Visit

Northern Europe Holidays Guide

Go and see the sights of Amsterdam, Stockholm, Brussels, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Copenhagen and Oslo. As well as containing world-renowned sights like the Anne Frank Museum, castles, galleries and palaces, the long winter nights mean that the major cities are excellent places to do a spot of carousing.

In flatter countries like Holland, cycling holidays are very popular. Hiking trails in Scandinavia are excellent, whether through the lakes of Scandinavia or the peaks of the Norwegian fjords, and you can try traditional pursuits like husky sledding, ice-fishing and cross country skiing in this region, or simply enjoy the pristine countryside. Depending on when you go, you may be able to see the famous Northern Lights.

Popular Northern Europe Holiday Destinations

Northern Europe is safe, friendly and fun. It’s perfect for city breaks, both for groups and couples, while the country regions and theme parks are immensely popular with families. If you want to go somewhere a little bit different, then see the thermal pools, geysers and volcanoes of Iceland.

Cruises operate in the Baltic Sea that visit many of the cities listed above, and also generally include St Petersburg in their itineraries – the Norwegian fjords are another popular cruise route. While the region isn’t particularly noted for food, you’ll enjoy the simple meatballs, open sandwiches and dumplings. In Scandinavia, you should also try some of the local vodka – the best stuff is out of this world (and you will be too, if you drink too much of it!).

Travel Info
To get around Northern Europe, try using a combination of trains and ferries.