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Belgium is a small state made up of two countries – Flanders and Wallonia – which may or may not still be in a union within a few years. So get the Belgian stamp in your passport while you can! The region is also excellent for cycling and for its cuisine; Brussels has an extremely high concentration of Michelin starred restaurants, and the national contributions to world gastronomy include moules et frites, and extremely good chocolates, waffles and beer. More seriously, it's the centre for many of the main institutions of the EU – which sounds inherently dull, but the mixture of nationalities present in Brussels gives the capital a cosmopolitan edge. Belgium also has an extremely complex and tumultuous history, and you'll find related sights that are awe-inspiring or moving, or both.


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The iconic sight of Brussels, and perhaps Belgium as a whole, is the Mannekin Pis, a fountain featuring the statue of a small boy urinating, which was installed at some point during the seventeenth century for reasons that are unclear. If one urinating statue just isn't enough, then visit the Jeanneke-Pis, the female equivalent. You should also wader the streets to admire the historic old town, which includes a market and many museums. Nearby Bruges is another picturesque town; you can take a tour on one of the canals, and visit the beautiful church, although the main attraction is the chocolate-box-perfect streets.

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There's plenty to see outside the capital. Most visitors head for picturesque Bruges, once a major city and now a pretty backwater. Antwerp is Belgium's major port, and is a lively, friendly city, with a museum dedicated to Rubens. Belgium was also a major flashpoint in WWI, particularly around Flanders. Ypres is perhaps the most important site, and is filled with memorials to the fallen. The 'In Flanders Fields' museum is a key sight if you want to understand more about life in the trenches. You can also visit the famous battle field of Waterloo from an earlier era. Belgium is very suitable for cycling holidays, as its roads tend to be cycle friendly and its also very flat. Belgium produces a vast range of fruit beers, and you should definitely try some during your stay – although not too many in the same evening, as they can be pretty potent!

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Belgium is suitable for senior travellers and families, and popular as a weekend destination for visitors across Europe, as well as backpackers touring the continent.