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The Netherlands is famous for its liberal attitude, and attracts a large number of tourists precisely for that reason. However, some Dutch politicians felt that the laissez faire attitude had gone a bit too far and was discouraging couples and families from visiting, so issued a crackdown on the petty crimes associated with areas like Amsterdam's Red Light District. The good news is that Holland is perfect if you want to party, or if you want a cultured break eating in fine restaurants, visiting some fantastic art galleries and seeing historical places of note, as well as enjoying the laid-back atmosphere and lovely towns.


Places to Visit

Amsterdam is the main centre for tourism. It's a very pretty city, filled with canals and beautiful architecture. Amsterdam is also chock full of pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, and the other kind of coffee shops, where the drug of choice is cannabis rather than caffeine.

Don't get so dazzled by Amsterdam that you forget about the rest of the country! The Hague is the capital of Holland, and has numerous historical sights as well as fabulous architecture. If you're travelling with kids, then they'll love the fairytale-style Efteling theme park, or the seaside resorts. Rotterdam is a port city with a large student population, and is friendly and easy-going, and has a lively arts scene and fine nightlife.

Maastricht is an old town with pretty cobbled streets combining medieval squares and walls with a lively student population. Nearby are several interesting caves which have long protected the townspeople in times of trouble. Holland is ideal to see on a cycling holiday, although it also has an excellent public transport system. Get out into the countryside to see windmills and tulips. And fairytale fans should check out the Efteling theme park, which features elves and dwarves.

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It's easy to get to Holland, both by train and by air – Schipol airport is also very well connected by public transport to Amsterdam and other cities.