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All the cities listed below have a wide range of accommodation, so you’ll find something within your budget. The biggest Asian cities can be expensive compared to the rest of the region. However, you can save money by eating as the locals to and using public transport, and still have a fantastic time.

Asian City Breaks – Regions or Cities to Visit

Beijing has some fantastic sights.

The Indian cities of Mumbai and Delhi are excellent destinations for sightseeing

In Pakistan, Lahore is vibrant and fun.

South Korea has many great cities – start with the capital, Seoul.

In Japan, Kyoto has numerous sights and is well worth a visit.

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Hong Kong was one of the last of the British colonies to be given up. It’s part of China, but it’s history and economic status means that it’s significantly different from anywhere else. Climb Victoria Peak, visit temples and museums, and take a boat trip to see dolphins. You’ll love Hong Kong if you like theme parks – check out the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, but there are several others. Enjoy wandering the bazaars, eating in top class restaurants and experiencing the best that Hong Kong has to offer.

Bangkok is one of the world’s best destinations to have a good time. Bars, nightclubs, restaurants vie for your attention in competition with temples, markets, hustlers and touts. It’s a noisy, chaotic city where you feel like anything could happen. Patpong is the centre of Thailand’s infamous nightlife, while you’ll find a slightly calmer scene in Sukhamvit, which has numerous upmarket bars and restaurants. But it’s not all about the nightlife. Visit the shrines and temples, buy anything and everything at the market, and see the museums and galleries. You’ll have a fantastic time.

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, can be overwhelming at first. However, once you find your feet you’ll enjoy this lively and varied city. Pasar Baru has Dutch Colonial architecture, and is one of the best places in Jakarta to go shopping – there’s also some fabulous high-end shopping malls. The theme park at Ancol is the biggest in South-East Asia, and you can enjoy all sorts of rides and activities here. If you like clubbing, then the nightlife in Jakarta is arguably the best in Asia – you’ll certainly find an establishment or two that you can have an uproarious time in. There are also great restaurants – Chinese and Japanese places are popular, as well as restaurants serving indigenous grub. If you’re feeling brave, try a durian fruit. These smell absolutely disgusting, but locals love them.

Kuala Lampur is a busy, vibrant city with plenty to see. The main sight is the Petronas Twin Towers – you can get the lift up to the Skybridge between the two buildings, to see the city laid out beneath you. The Golden Triangle, where the towers are located, is also a destination for some pumping nightlife, shopping and eating out – you can try just about any sort of cuisine you fancy. Go to the centre of the city to see the markets and shops of Chinatown, butterfly and bird parks, and the colonial district – this was where Britain ran Malaysia as a colony, and also the site of independence celebrations.

Singapore is one of the world’s greatest city states, a melting pot of cultures and long established as a trading port where anything and everything is for sale. If you’re coming here for a weekend, then it follows that you’ll spend some time engaging in commerce yourself . There are plenty of modern shopping malls, but you should also check out the traditional bazaars in the Indian, Chinese and Malay Quarters. If shopping’s not your thing, then you can take a cruise along the river, see the famous Merlion and Raffles statues, stroll along the esplanade, and enjoy some fantastic food and nightlife. There’s also a Universal Studios theme park on Sentosa Island, an easy day trip from the city proper.

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Singapore and Hong Kong are relatively safe. Wherever you are, though with cities everywhere, keep your wits about you. If an offer of cheap beer, goods or food seems to good to be true, then it generally is! Also, be wary of people who insist your chosen hotel/tourist destination is shut – they may be getting a cut for diverting you elsewhere.