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Asian Adventure Holiday – Regions or Cities to Visit

Thailand has remote beaches, mountains, and there's plenty of scope for city adventures in Bangkok

Vietnam is increasingly popular with tourists – now is a good time to go, before it gets really busy

Japan will appeal to open-minded travellers who are keen to experience a different culture

South Korea is excellent for trekking holidays

Sri Lanka has some fantastic destinations to explore, and is quickly reaffirming itself as a great tourism destination.

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Adventure Holidays in Asia

Cambodia has the mysterious ruins of Angor Watt, and much else besides. Kratie is popular on the backpacker circuit – take a boat on the Irrawaddy to see dolphins, and see some of the numerous temples in the area. Tonle Sap Lake is an incredible destination – the locals live on the lake on floating villages, and need to move their houses, schools and other facilities around the water to cope with raised or low water levels. In the wild east of Cambodia lies Virachey National Park. Committed walkers can trek through the jungles and forests to reach Phnom Veal Thom, a remote grassland that most tourists never see.

China has opportunities for adventure sports, but is perhaps more of a cultural adventure than the other options listed here. Visit Guilin to see the amazing caves, take a boat ride on the lakes, and climb some of the nearby peaks. Shanghai is a mixture of reminders of the colonial past and Asian future – this is an enormous city where temples rub shoulders with skyscrapers, and a popular destination for Chinese tourists.

Borneo is a large island, split between Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. The interior has some unique wildlife, particularly primates – visit Semengoh to see the orang-utan rehabilitation project. Also in Malaysia, the Sarawak Cultural Village gives you a chance to find out more about the tribes in the region. Most of the best sites for diving are on the Indonesian territory in the island, and you can also trek into the remote jungles. Brunei has the Belalong National Park, which has an excellent canopy walk, and you can take a boat into the interior to visit local longhouses.

Laos is quieter than other South-East Asian destinations. However, you can enjoy kayaking and tubing in the river, trekking in the mountains and seeing traditional villages. Vang Vieng is a hub for river sports, including high swings over the river – it's also a party town for backpackers, with numerous bars and restaurants.

Pakistan has some pristine mountain regions, and the most intrepid travellers will be curious about visiting the northern regions. Gilgit-Baltistan is a great place to trek – it has some of the world's highest mountains and the longest glaciers. You can also arrange tours of the national parks, or take a flying safari through the mountains. Peshawar has some amazing markets and a striking fort, and it's easy to arrange a guided tour into the mountains from here (note that, while Pakistan is mostly as safe as anywhere, you should check travel advice for Kashmir, the Khyber Pass and the areas of Pakistan close to Afghanistan before you book – an adventure featuring the Taliban might not be what you had in mind!). Your mum will probably be happier if you stick to the Punjab, however – visit the town of Multan to see the ruins of the fort and various shrines.

Asian Adventure Travel Info
Check with your country's foreign office if you think you're travelling somewhere that's been affected by war or natural disaster – unfortunately, Asia has been hit by a few of the latter in the recent past. Make sure your insurance covers you for taking part in any unusual activities, and that it covers you travelling off the beaten track. This is particularly important if you're taking part in activities far away from the nearest Western standard-hospital.