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As a country, Bangladesh is relatively young, and was borne out of the upheaval of the end of colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent. However, there are many ancient temples and archaeological sights here, as well as some fantastic opportunities to see wildlife. Bangladesh's coastline has beaches and coral reefs, as well as jungle and rainforest areas. The teeming cities have plenty to see and do – they are also great destinations for shopping trips, as many clothing manufacturers base themselves in Bangladesh, and some brand-name products end up being sold at local markets.

Bangladesh – Regions or Cities to Visit

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Dhakar is the capital, and also one of the world's biggest cities. Its home to twelve million people, and is a noisy, chaotic and almost overwhelming city – at least at first. It's a great place to find temples, and there's also a fort, parks and various museums. Many holidaymakers of both Bangaldeshi and foreign origins head to Cox's Bazaar for a break. This is a lively and noisy resort with the world's longest beach. If you want some peace, head away from the main built-up stretches or take a cruise to one of the islands off the coast of Bangladesh.

Highlights and Icons

There are numerous things to see outside the capital and beaches. Bagerhat has one of the country's most famous sights, the Shait Gumbad Mosque. The tomb of Khan Jahan Ali is a colourful sight, and another place of pilgrimage. Fish dishes are popular in Bangladesh, although you'll also find a range of curries and kebabs too. Char Atra is an island in the River Ganges which may be worth your investigation. You can get a rocket steamer to take you up the river from Dhakar to Khulna. As well as sights within the city itself, Khulna is a good base to travel to the Sundarbans forest, which is the best destination in the country to see wildlife.

Bangladesh Travel Info
Bangladesh can be reached from India, as well as directly by air.