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The result of an exotic mix between Cantonese Chinese culture and the remnants of colonial British influence, Hong Kong is often described as the perfect fusion of East and West. A fast moving hive of activity, its status as a financial hub of importance draws an incredibly rich variety of people who contribute to its cosmopolitan charm. Yet underneath its pulsating veneer, it is still a place where Feng Shui masters are regularly consulted during the construction of skyscrapers. Both lively and steeped in tradition, Hong Kong is a perfect destination for those looking to sightsee, shop and travel in a safe and easily accessible environment.

Hong Kong – Regions or Cities to Visit

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Stauncy independent, the people of Hong Kong have taken the streets of Hong Kong in mass protests against unwanted Chinese influence in the state. Whilst sometimes these protests have turned quite violent due to heavy-handed policing, mostly tourism is unaffected by these struggles. A visit to Ocean Park or the newly Hong Kong Disneyland are great options for families with children, while heading to the busy markets of Mongkok is ideal for both bargain hunters and high-end shoppers alike. For those daring enough, try an order of hot snake soup, or book a fish spa and watch "doctor fish" eat your skin to a smooth polish. Riding a tourist Chinese junk boat or taking the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour to Kowloon is a must on every traveller's itinerary to experience some of the most scenic views of the Hong Kong skyline, especially from Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. Otherwise, the steep tram ride to The Peak offers short walks and beautiful vistas and lookouts.

Highlights and Icons

The most popular regions for tourists are Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon region located south. Bridged by the emblematic Victoria Harbour, travellers will find an abundance of shops and skyscrapers with colonial buildings and traditional temples dotted in between. There are decent beaches at Repulse and Deepwater Bays. Should you have the time, many also choose to visit the nearby gambling haven of Macau. On the other hand, taking a short trip off the beaten track to Lantau or Lamma island will reveal small fishing villages and delicious seafood. An unforgettable mix of tradition, cultures and modern day luxuries, Hong Kong is both soulful and enigmatically vibrant.

Places to Visit Outside Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is compact with an efficient transport network. The Dim Dim tram is a popular way to get around for tourists – look out for multi-use travel passes which enable rides on buses, ferries, train as well the tram.