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The Himalayas span approximately four countries and stretch for over 3,000 miles. Nepal remains the major tourist destination in the area with an abundance of adventure sport opportunities. The northern areas of Pakistan offer some of the most visually spectacular parts of the Himalayan landscape although the unpredictable terrain makes it a location for the more experienced. In the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir, many go to the Ladakh region to visit the tranquil Tibetan monasteries and soak in the serene beauty of the landscape.

The Himalayas, Asia

A fortress of rock and ice, the Himalayas is often associated with rugged adventurers and intrepid mountaineers. What many don’t immediately realise, is that the Himalayas caters to outdoor enthusiasts at almost all levels of experience. Whether it is a sightseeing tour around the colourful palaces of Kathmandu or a trekking expedition across some of the most magnificent natural landscapes in the world, this untouched, remote escape both captivates and enthrals those daring enough to venture into its sacred peaks.

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With its mystic snow-capped peaks and barren beauty, trekking across the simple splendour of the Himalayan landscape is the most popular activity for travellers to the region. From mountain treks to cultural tours, a wide range of guided expeditions can be easily organised. The Himalayas are home to some 865 species of wildlife including rare animals like the snow leopard and red panda and a wide variety of safari tours to places like Chitwan National Park are available. For sightseeing, the secluded cities of the Himalayas are bases from which World Heritage locations like Durbar Square and the spiritual havens of Kumari Temple can be visited.