South Asia Holidays


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South Asia includes the vast country of India, neighbouring Bangladesh, offshore Sri Lanka and a clutch of tiny countriues including Nepal along the southern flank of the Himalayas. Popular with backpackers and adventure travellers, South Asia can equally be enjoyed in the lap of luxury.

South Asia Highlights

India is the biggest nation in the subcontinent, and is visited for all sorts of reasons. Kerala is the most popular destination for visitors, and allows you to combine a beach holidays with visits to cool hill stations. Goa has long been popular with young and alternative travellers. The cities of Dehli and Mumbai are both exhilarating and fun, while Delhi is also the main gateway to the Taj Mahal. The north of India, around Kashmir, has some beautiful mountains and remote trails. Another attraction of India is its temples and shrines, and the holy Ganges River.

Until recently, Sri Lanka's tourism appeal was marred by civil war. However, now that peace has broken out, the country is again finding its feet as a holiday destination. Visit the beach resorts around Colombo, or travel to Kandi to see temples and wildlife. If you're interested in beaches, though, one of the world's top destinations is the Maldives. They are extremely popular with honeymooners, and are one of the world's best destinations if you're interested in staying in beautiful accommodation, swimming in pristine waters, having your own private beach and generally living in the lap of luxury.

Getting Around

Bangladesh is a busy, bustling country – the cities can be something of a culture shock for the uninitiated! Once you've found your feet, you'll love exploring. You can also visit the coast for a seaside holiday, Bangladeshi style, or take a trip to the national parks to see some exotic wildlife. Pakistan and Nepal are both popular destinations for people who are interesting in walking and climbing. Pakistan also has numerous cities of interest, many of which have forts and other historical sights.